digital paper

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digital paper

(1) A paper-thin display technology. See electronic paper and E Ink.

(2) A variety of coated and uncoated papers specialized for computer printers.

(3) (DigitalPaper) A line of document collaboration software from ePlus inc., Herndon, VA ( Specializing in fast access and distribution of engineering drawings, blueprints and technical manuals to users, the DigitalPaper products offer numerous features, including converting high-resolution images to GIFs for collaborative viewing over the Web. A variety of CAD and other image formats are supported. DigitalPaper was developed by Digital Paper Corporation, which was acquired by ePlus in 2003.

(4) (DigitalPaper) The file format generated by the Common Ground document exchange software. See Common Ground.

(5) Pre-printed paper used to capture data with digital pens. See Anoto and digital pen.
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The electronic pen is designed to make writing much easier for the visually impaired people.
Presenters can use an optional electronic pen to mark up the image or drive the device (PC, laptop, etc.
The Galaxy Note 4 comes with an electronic pen with which the user can multi-task between different applications and move pictures and deposit them where they want on the screen.
It can be a little fiddly for pre-schoolers, but with books aimed at a range of learning levels and licensing deals with the likes of Disney in place, this electronic pen really is mightier than the sword.
The Duo doubles as a tablet, complete with electronic pen, and, like the Pro models, weighs less than 3 pounds.
This publisher's innovative talking-pen book design allows users to listen to bilingual audio of its books by touching an electronic pen to the pages.
We have books that have an electronic pen that come with them.
But Ramsay claims he suffers from the ear condition tinnitus and made the recording with an electronic pen so he could correctly hear what Russell had said.
It is an interactive whiteboard that uses a projector to display PC images onto its surface and lets the presenter operate the data on the board with a finger or an Electronic Pen that works like a PC mouse.
said it has developed a technology to make dot images on paper exclusive for use with electronic pen invisible.
The Note also received its share of mockery for itsSuper Bowl adthat touted the device's electronic pen as a game-changing innovation despite the fact that it reminded viewers of the Palm Pilot Stylus that was in vogue over a decade ago.
It is simple to save projected notes directly onto a PC, and with remote operation, anything written with the electronic pen can be saved with the application.

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