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desktop publishing,

system for producing printed materials that consists of a personal computerpersonal computer
(PC), small but powerful computer primarily used in an office or home without the need to be connected to a larger computer. PCs evolved after the development of the microprocessor made possible the hobby-computer movement of the late 1970s, when some computers
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 or computer workstation, a high-resolution printerprinter,
device that reproduces text, images, or other data from a computer, digital camera, smartphone, or the like on paper or another medium.

Impact printers, which mostly have been superseded by ink-jet and laser printers, use a mechanical hammering device to produce
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 (usually a laser printer), and a computer programcomputer program,
a series of instructions that a computer can interpret and execute; programs are also called software to distinguish them from hardware, the physical equipment used in data processing.
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 that allows the user to select from a variety of type fonts and sizes, column justifications, page layouts, and graphics libraries and often includes support for document creation and editing. Desktop publishing enables a small business or an individual to produce professional-quality materials on the premises inexpensively and quickly without the need for outside typesetting or printing facilities.
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desktop publishing

[¦desk‚täp ′pəb·lish·iŋ]
(computer science)
The use of a personal computer to produce printed output of high quality that is camera-ready for a printing facility.
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desktop publishing

(text, application)
(DTP) Using computers to lay out text and graphics for printing in magazines, newsletters, brochures, etc. A good DTP system provides precise control over templates, styles, fonts, sizes, colour, paragraph formatting, images and fitting text into irregular shapes.

Example programs include FrameMaker, PageMaker, InDesign and GeoPublish.

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desktop publishing

Using a desktop computer to produce high-quality printed output or camera-ready output for commercial printing. For simple layouts, desktop publishing may be accomplished with a word processor; however, books and complicated designs require a publishing program, such as Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress. The term was more popular when personal computers emerged in the 1980s. Today, everything is created on a desktop or laptop computer for publication, whether for print, CD, DVD or online.

Beyond Word Processing
A desktop publishing program (DTP), also called a "page layout program" or "publishing program," provides complete page design capabilities, including magazine style columns, rules and borders, page, chapter and caption numbering as well as precise typographic alignment. A key feature is its ability to flow text around graphic objects in a variety of ways. Although word processing programs may offer some of these features, a desktop publishing program provides much greater flexibility.

The Final Layout
Text and graphics may be created in a desktop publishing program, but graphics tools are often elementary. Typically, all data are created externally and imported into the publishing program. Text is generally created in a word processing program, and graphics are created in a drawing, CAD or paint program. Photos are modified and enhanced in an image editor. See graphics.

Print or Publish Online
A laser printer may be used for final output, but shaded drawings and photographs print better on commercial high-resolution imagesetters. For transfer to a commercial printer, documents are generally saved as PDF or PostScript files. For Web publishing, PDF is the de facto format for user manuals, data sheets and other documents. See PDF.

It Was a Revolution
Desktop publishing dramatically brought down the cost of page layout, causing many projects to be taken in-house. Predefined templates for newsletters, brochures and other publishing tasks help novices do respectable jobs. Nevertheless, there is no substitute for a graphic designer who knows which fonts to use and how to lay out the page artistically.

Desktop Publishing this Encyclopedia
Previous versions of this database were desktop published in PageMaker. The faint grid lines are used to align text and illustrations, which cause the elements to "snap to" them when dragged close.
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