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electronic signature

The electronic equivalent of a handwritten signature. There is more to it than pasting a graphic of a signature into a text document. Electronic signature software binds a signature, or other mark, to a specific document. Just as experts can detect a paper contract that was altered after it was signed, electronic signature software can detect the alteration of an electronically signed file any time in the future. CIC (www.cic.com) and Silanis Technology (www.silanis.com) are pioneers of electronic signature technology, which has proven especially relevant in the financial, insurance and real estate industries.

More than a Digital Signature
An electronic signature is often confused with a "digital signature," because it uses digital signature technology for detection alteration. An electronic signature also requires user authentication such as a digital certificate, smart card or biometric method.

In June 2000, the U.S. government passed the E-sign bill, which gives electronic signatures the same legality as handwritten ones. See ESIGN Act, digital signature, digital certificate and biometrics.
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In the UAE, the use and admissibility of electronic signatures is governed by Federal Law No.
The first major piece of legislation is the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN).
In fact, there are 40 words to describe how electronic signatures can be applied in Annex 11, and this compares with 745 words to describe all electronic signature requirements in Part 11, excluding the definitions.
Analysis of the acceptability of electronic signatures can be made with reference to the loose form of signature and the demonstration of intention function under the common law discussed above.
The lack of widespread use of electronic signatures and customer feedback identified the need for a DON electronic signature policy.
First, the business community now fully understands the legal aspects of electronic signatures.
university or college to offer secure e-sign capabilities on all legal documents required for a student to apply and enroll in one of our online degree programs, including electronic signatures on transcript request forms.
The law proposal, which is set to be presented to the parliament today (26 October), especially deals with electronic signatures and the necessary quality guarantees for them.
Similarly, electronic signatures must be protected.
The Electronic Signatures Act also may simplify record keeping, authentication and verification functions for accountants.
Under the law, electronic signatures must be given the same legal status as a standard signature.
The impact of electronic signatures on small business transactions

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