electronic warfare support measures

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electronic warfare support measures

[i‚lek′trän·ik ′wȯr‚fer sə′pȯrt ‚mezh·ərz]
That division of electronic warfare involving actions taken to search for, intercept, locate, record, and analyze radiated electromagnetic energy for the purpose of exploiting such radiations in support of military operations. Also known as electronic support measures.
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electronic warfare support measures (ESM)

That division of electronic warfare involving actions taken under direct control of an operational commander to search for, intercept, identify, and locate sources of radiated electromagnetic energy for the purpose of immediate threat recognition. Thus, ESM provide a source of information required for immediate decisions involving electronic countermeasures (ECM), electronic counter-countermeasures (ECCM), avoidance, targeting, and other tactical employment of forces.
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EDO's contract includes development work to upgrade certain components of the aircraft's Electronic Support Measures suite.
In fact, says Bultema, he's convinced that the migration to electronic support can have the opposite effect--a "repersonalization" of service.
[ClickPress, Fri Apr 17 2015] Electronic Warfare Market by category (ECM, ESM, ECCM), by technology (Electronic Attack, Electronic Support, Electronic Protection), by Platforms (Airborne, Naval, Land, Unmanned), and by Geography - Forecast & Analysis to 2014 - 2020
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 28, 2013-ITT Exelis wins Australian contract for electronic support systems(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.m2.com
For example, Rafael of Israel has developed the C-Pearl electronic support measure family to detect and classify hostile radar emissions.
New Delhi, Jan.12 (ANI): The Defence Avionics Research Establishment, a premier laboratory of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), which is based in Bangalore, has developed an indoor Antenna Test Range facility to characterize both the Electronic Support Measure [ESM] and Electronic Counter Measure [ECM] antennas, which are first of its kind in India.
The equipment's electronic support (ES) subsystem typically comprises an array of direction-finding (DF) and omni antennas, a DF receiver unit and an inboard ES rack that houses an operator station (with colour display), an ES computer, a main processor unit and a power distribution unit.
Under this contract, Anteon will provide systems engineering and development support for NUWC's Communications and Electronic Support Measures Programs.
This RSIP modification is the latest in a series of improvements to the French fleet integrating improvements to navigation systems and the installation of electronic support measures.
The S-3B's electronic support (ESM) suite enables the crew to determine if there are surface-to-air missile threats in an operations area.
The Thales proposal consists of sensors, radar components, electronic support measures, and the Airborne Maritime Situation Control System (AMASCOS).
Requirements and challenges of the current business model are highlighted, and discharging and meeting them through electronic support is explored.

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