electronic engineering

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electronic engineering:

see engineeringengineering,
profession devoted to designing, constructing, and operating the structures, machines, and other devices of industry and everyday life. Types of Engineering

The primary types of engineering are chemical, civil, electrical, industrial, and mechanical.
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electronic engineering

[i‚lek′trän·ik ‚en·jə′nir·iŋ]
Engineering that deals with practical applications of electronics.
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HYDERABAD -- The management of Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro and local chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Hyderabad have jointly demanded the commended award after death for late Eng.
Mechanical and Electronics Engineering VI; select papers
The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announced that 907 out of 2,574 passed the Electronics Engineer Licensure Examination and 969 out of 1,488 passed the Electronics Technician Licensure Examination given by the Board of Electronics Engineering in the cities of Manila, Baguio, Cebu, Davao and Lucena this month.
Int'l Conference on Applied Materials and Electronics Engineering (2012: Hong Kong) Ed.
Ethiopia will be one of the few countries where will establish an electronics engineering academy.
John Chappell has an AAS in Electronics Engineering from Old Dominion University and a BS in Electronics Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology.
EDA Tech Forum, a key technical and networking resource for the electronics engineering community, today announced its 2007 worldwide event series.
Five hefty volumes contain the proceedings of ICMEE 2011, the third International Conference on Mechanical and Electronics Engineering, held in September in Hefei, China.
Dedicated to the advancement of technology, the IEEE publishes 30 percent of the world's literature in the electrical and electronics engineering and computer science fields, and has developed more than 900 active industry standards.
The company has more than 30 years of experience in electronics engineering and manufacturing and maintains offices and production facilities located in more than a dozen countries.
He graduated in electrical and electronics engineering at De Montfort University and is a member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology.
Sypris Electronics engineering organization underwent a Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPI) Class A Appraisal led by Borland, an SEI-authorized Lead Appraiser.

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