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(physical chemistry)
The movement in an electric field of liquid with respect to colloidal particles immobilized in a porous diaphragm or a single capillary tube.



(also electroendosmosis), the movement of a liquid through capillaries or porous diaphragms upon application of an external electric field. It is one of the principal electrokinetic phenomena. Electroosmosis is used to remove excess moisture from the soil in soil compaction for road building and the construction of hydraulic engineering installations, to dry peat, and to purify water and liquids used in industry.

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Particle manipulation and fluid flow control using AC electro-osmosis have been reported in various forms, such as biased AC electroosmosis [11, 12], and 3D AC electro-osmosis pump [13, 14], travelling wave AC electro-osmosis pump [15], asymmetric electrode AC electro-osmosis pump [16] and particle traps [17-20].
The resulting flow from AC electroosmosis and ETF observed by Wang et al.
Agricultural interest in electroosmosis dates back more than 70 years.
The next part of the procedure was to displace the sample down about one third of the column length with buffer to allow for electroosmosis.
The project would then use electroosmosis to release clay-bound contaminants and transport them to treatment sites (degradation zones).
5 can model migration, electrophoresis, and electroosmosis - comprehensive EHD capabilities not available in any other flow modeling software.
The conducted analysis of two limiting cases for electroosmotic velocity shows that the Kuwabara boundary condition should be recommended for addressing electroosmosis.
The mechanisms of drug transport are based on electromigration of charged molecules and/or electroosmosis (1).
Capillary electrophoresis (CE) and capillary electrochromatography (CEC) are separation methods in which the eluent flows in the capillary due to the electroosmosis phenomenon when high electric voltage is applied across the capillary filled with buffer solution.
Electroosmosis and streaming potential are described in detail in the following chapter, which is devoted to flow in a microchannel.
Electroosmosis is a net solvent flow in the anode-to-cathode direction, which enables much improved permeation of neutral species (e.