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Table-6: Reactivity indices like chemical hardness (n), electrophilicity index (I), electronic chemical potential (u) of Title Compound
decreasing in electrophilicity power) of thiophene S-oxide increases in the number of substitutions with electron-donating groups further increases the nucleophilic character of TO (i.
Consistent with HSAB concepts, the softness ([sigma]) and electrophilicity ([omega]) values for ACR and the other type-2 alkenes tested [acrolein, methylvinyl ketone (MVK)] were related to the corresponding second-order rate constants (log [k.
1988) found that if a hydrophobic or electrophilic effect intervenes in the interaction of inhibitors with enzymes, factors affecting lipophilicity and electrophilicity might also affect the inhibiting action.
2] chemistry merits consideration, and that is the synthetically useful electrophilicity of the formally 16-electron cations, Cp'M[(NO).
Secondly, these groups may also increase the electrophilicity of neighboring carbonyl group in Pd(II)-hydrazide complexes via negative inductive effect, facilitating the nucleophilic attack by amino group of protein.
A process we propose that alum activates the aldehyde by binding with the oxygen atom [12a], ultimately enhancing the electrophilicity of the aldehyde, leading to a decrease in reaction time.
bar]H]), formal charge on ether oxygen atoms (qo), electrophilicity index ([omega]), harmonic oscillator model of aromaticity index ([I.
It has been speculated (2) that the co-catalyst stabilizes and activates the colloid formed between the Karstedt's catalyst and PDMS by withdrawing electrons, therefore, increasing the electrophilicity of the Karstedt's catalyst.