Electrophoretic Coating

electrophoretic coating

[i‚lek·trō·fə′red·ik ′kōd·iŋ]
A surface coating on a metal deposited by electric discharge of particles from a colloidal solution.
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Electrophoretic Coating


a coating formed on a cathode as a result of electrophoresis and coagulation of colloidal particles. The electrophoretic method of applying coatings is widely used in industry, especially in the application of paint and varnish coatings.


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However, owing to its multiple disadvantages such as poor rust resistance and high maintenance costs, automakers have paved way for superlative copper and brass based automotive radiators augmented by advanced technologies such as electrophoretic coating, no-flux brazing, and laser welding methods to ensure light weightiness.
One of the concerns that have been addressed in the development of adhesives is whether they can handle the subsequent processes that bodies undergo, such as the corrosion-resisting electrophoretic coating (e-coat) process, including all of the pretreatment (e.g., degreasing, rinsing)."There are a lot of fluids that are rushing in and out of the cavities and around the vehicle assembly before the adhesive is cured," Billotto notes.
"Adhesive strength was calculated to be around 24 MPa for the electrophoretic coating of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles on the modified Ti-6Al-V sub-layer.
"Electrophoretic coating is primarily a series of dip processes, with the parts moving along on individual jigs.
The investment of approximately pounds 450,000, assisted by the single investment fund through the Welsh Assembly Government, in a new electrophoretic coating (e-coating) plant has lead to job creation and retention and further lends focus to our long term strategy to expand and enhance our culture of quality, flexibility and capacity to our customers.
Topics include upper bound analysis for changing channel angular extrusion, the preparation of aluminum-magnesium alloys from magnesium oxide, corrosion resistance, and the effect of plasma interface treatment and cathodic electrophoretic coating. Black and white micrographs and images are provided.
At Albright and Wilson, Paul gained expertise in many electroplating processes, anodising and electrophoretic coating techniques.
Its metal-like scratch and abrasion resistance is the result of adapting ceramic nanocomposite technology to the electrophoretic coating process.
These new marketing arrangements cover Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway, and of particular importance is Canning technology in environmentally cleaner chemistry: 'Envirochrome 90' (trivalent chromium); 'Envirozin 5' (alkaline cyanide-free zinc); 'Electrolac' (cathodic electrophoretic coating); and 'Alcozin' (zinc cobalt alloy process).
The products of HOFFMANN MINERAL show excellent results and advantages in the following applications: Electrophoretic Coatings, Primer-Surfacer, Corrosion Protection Coatings, Powder Coatings, Can & Coil Coating, UV-curing Clear Coatings, Dispersion Based Clear Wood Coatings, Soft-Feel Coatings, Facade and Dispersion Paint, Industrial Flooring based on Epoxy Resins, Moisture-Curing Adhesives and many more.
Electrophoretic coatings, as used in the automotive industry, are usually pre-ceded with a tri-cation type zinc phosphate process.