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a method of examining visual function by recording the bioelectric potentials of the retina after exposure to light. The record obtained is called an electro retinogram (ERG). An ERG is recorded in humans by a radioamplifier meeting the standards recommended by the International Society for Clinical Electroretinography. It shows a complex pattern of different waves reflecting the physiological processes that occur in the various structures of the retina.

Electroretinography is used in experimental physiology and medicine to study the retina and to diagnose, forecast, and monitor the course of pathological processes therein.


Byzov, A. L. Elektrofiziologicheskie issledovaniia setchatki. Moscow, 1966.
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(41) Electroretinography recording on a dilated pupil might produce a maximum amplitude and, therefore, provide a better way to investigate retinal function in birds.
Electroretinography is a procedure in which the summed electrical responses from the retinal photoreceptors are recorded by placing electrodes on the corneal surface and skin adjacent to the eye.
Focal electroretinography (fERG) is used to study a discrete region of the retina and determine if there is significantly more electrical activity in that area compared to the surrounding retina.
Ophthalmoscopically, there is an early bull's-eye maculopathy, but the entire retina is affected early, as evidence by full-field electroretinography changes.
Keywords: Nickel oxide nanoparticles; Electroretinography; Visual sensitivity; Nanomedicine; Eye; Retina
The size of the pupil is crucial for interpretation of perimetry of the visual field, electroretinography and the preoperative assessment for refractive surgery [10].
The screening should include a visual field exam as well as one of the advanced objective technologies: spectral domain OCT, autofluorescence, or multifocal electroretinography. Use of the outmoded Amsler grid is discouraged.
An electroretinography (ERG) was done under white light escotopic environment with palpebral electrode under pharmacologic sedation and mydriasis using Akonic System BioPC with three channels to register the evocated bio-potentials (Figure 5).
Retinal photoreceptor arrangement, SWS1 and LWS opsin sequence, and electroretinography in the South American marsupial Thylamys elegans (Waterhouse, 1839).
Abbreviations: CFL, compact fluorescent lamp; ERG, electroretinography; H&E, hematoxylin and eosin staining; IHC, immunohistochemistry; ROS, reactive oxygen species; TEM, transmission electron microscopy; TUNEL, terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase dUTP nick end labeling.
The use of electroretinography for retinal functional evaluation can be useful in assessing these cases [1].
Other methods such as multifocal electroretinography have been investigated in order to develop a new mfERG-paradigm glaucoma analysis protocol and to gain a better understanding of glaucoma [5], however, there is not still an IOP micro system implanted inside the ocular glove to measure continuously IOP to understand glaucoma etiology.