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a method of examining visual function by recording the bioelectric potentials of the retina after exposure to light. The record obtained is called an electro retinogram (ERG). An ERG is recorded in humans by a radioamplifier meeting the standards recommended by the International Society for Clinical Electroretinography. It shows a complex pattern of different waves reflecting the physiological processes that occur in the various structures of the retina.

Electroretinography is used in experimental physiology and medicine to study the retina and to diagnose, forecast, and monitor the course of pathological processes therein.


Byzov, A. L. Elektrofiziologicheskie issledovaniia setchatki. Moscow, 1966.
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Electroretinography (ERG) is a common tool to measure the collective electrical responses of the retina after photostimulation [10, 11].
Spectral domain optical coherence tomography detects early stages of chloroquine retinopathy similar to multifocal electroretinography, fundus autofluorescence and near-infrared autofluorescence.
However, a low level of retinal activity, measured by electroretinography, indicates very little visual function.
In particular, the ophthalmologic contribution has been substantial, with a complete description of malarial retinopathy, (15-17) with functional studies including electroretinography, (18) evaluation of blood flow of the eye by Doppler echography, (19) and fluorescein angiography and detailed fundus photography.
In a later study, the scientists used electroretinography (ERG) to measure retinal response to a flash of light in healthy cattle and in TSE-infected cattle.
Our objective was to examine changes in visual function in black rockfish subjected to rapid decompression and in Pacific halibut exposed to simulated sunlight with electroretinography.
Electrocardiography, electroencephalography, thermography, detection of naturally occurring radioactivity, electroretinography, ultrasound, diagnostic infrared imaging, doppler blood flow, and echocardiography; e.
Special tests such as electronystagmography (ENG) to detect balance problems and electroretinography (ERG) to detect retinitis pigmentosa help doctors to detect US early.
Electroretinography and visual acuity are therefore appropriate outcome measures.
In this single-center, randomized, double-masked, placebo-controlled, dose-escalation study, oral administration of ACU-4429 was well-tolerated and a dose-dependent modulation of the visual cycle was demonstrated using electroretinography (ERG), an established eye test.
2) reported the result of full-field electroretinography in this disorder.