Electrostatic Discharge

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Electrostatic Discharge

(hardware, testing)
(ESD) One kind of test that hardware usually has to pass to prove it is suitable for sale and use. The hardware must still work after is has been subjected to some level of electrostatic discharge. Some organisations have their own ESD requirements which hardware must meet before it will be considered for purchase.

Different countries have different legal regulations about levels of ESD.

See also Radio Frequency Interference, Electromagnetic Compatibility.
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Chapter 3: Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Design: MOSFET Design.
Chapter 4: Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Design: Diode Design.
Being the world's leading high service distributor of electronics products, RS Components is acutely aware of the need for effective electrostatic discharge controls within its repack facilities.
For many years the company has been mindful of the benefits of undertaking dynamic walking tests to qualify various flooring and footwear combinations used in its electrostatic discharge protected areas.
The ESD Co-ordinator at RS Components is delighted with the TREK Model 158A, which has proved to be reliable and easy to use, removing the need to carry multiple pieces of auditing equipment around the large electrostatic discharge protected areas.
The new EM Eye Meter from the 3M Electronic Solutions Division provides three separate sensors for electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio frequency (RF) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) detection.
3m, electromagnetic interference, electrostatic discharge, em eye, emi, esd, esd meter, radio frequency, rf, test and measurement
The EOS/ESD Symposium is an annual international technical forum on electrical overstress and electrostatic discharge.
Trek's standard and custom products are used: (1) by OEMs involved in semiconductor manufacturing, electrophotography, photovoltaic/solar and many other industries; (2) in applications sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD); and (3) by companies/universities involved in a variety of research applications.
The F87 semi-conductive fluorocarbon material, in addition to its excellent electrostatic discharge capabilities, also demonstrates excellent resistance to all types of fuels, outstanding heat resistance and is recommended for use in aggressive oil and chemical environments, according to the company.
Given the increasing sensitivity of electronic components to damage by electrostatic discharge (ESD), damage that can be hard to detect, Barber-Colman reports it has taken additional precautions in its engineering, manufacturing, and quality control to ensure protection against system failure due to ESD.
Concern about a possible buildup of electrostatic discharges during the ascent through the clouds led planners to postpone the flight for a day despite clear weather over the part of the Pacific where the plane would release the rocket, but OSC officials say such constraints will diminish once they amass more experience with the system.

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