Electrostatic Potential

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electrostatic potential

[i′lek·trə‚stad·ik pə′ten·chəl]

Potential, Electrostatic


a scalar characteristic of energy in an electrostatic field. Electrostatic potential is equal to the ratio of the potential energy of a charge in an electrostatic field to the magnitude of the charge. The intensity of the electrostatic field E and the potential ϕ are related by the equation E = — grad ϕ. The electrostatic potential satisfies the Poisson equation. The potential itself, which, like potential energy, can be calculated within an accuracy up to an arbitrary constant, does not have significance, but rather the difference in potentials is physically significant.

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Molecular electrostatic potential (MEP) mapping explains the nucleophilic and electrophilic regions in any compound, and proved as very important tool in quantum chemical chemistry.
7 and the electrostatic potentials fitted to their surfaces (http:// ca.
The electrostatic potential was calculated using the DelPhi module of the Insight II program (Accelrys).
It also supported some other structural properties like Mulliken charges analysis, frontier molecular orbitals (FMOs) analysis and molecular electrostatic potential (MEP) etc.
DFT calculations were employed to investigate the reaction path via calculating electrostatic potential maps and calculating the transition state stabilities in order to explain the feasibility of the reaction.
The electrophilic attack is illustrated by red (negative) regions whereas nucleophilic reactivity is shown by the blue (positive) regions and the green region covers the parts of the molecule where electrostatic potentials are close to zero.
In spite of these differences, calculated geometric parameters represent a good agreement and they are the basis for calculating other parameters, such as frontier orbitals and energy, and molecular electrostatic potential.
The resulting relationships between electrostatic potential and surface energy (electrocapillary curves), surface charge, and differential capacitance are completely consistent with the traditional sharp-interface models of electrochemical interfaces.
The development of new materials necessitates more efficient technological equipment and greater maximum production volumes [4, 5], The electrostatic spinning method applied in the production of nanofibrous and microfibrous materials uses a pair of electrodes connected to opposite electrostatic potentials [6, 7].
If the solution reduces electrostatic potentials on personnel from 1,000V to .
1] Electron beam holography is a technology that detects a slight perturbation in the wavelength of electrons, which takes place as a result of traversing through silicon crystal with different electrostatic potentials (e.
If your solution reduces electrostatic potentials on personnel from 1,000 to 50 V, you know that the solution has been effective and you can check regularly to ensure that the program continues to work.

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