Electrostatic Potential

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electrostatic potential

[i′lek·trə‚stad·ik pə′ten·chəl]

Potential, Electrostatic


a scalar characteristic of energy in an electrostatic field. Electrostatic potential is equal to the ratio of the potential energy of a charge in an electrostatic field to the magnitude of the charge. The intensity of the electrostatic field E and the potential ϕ are related by the equation E = — grad ϕ. The electrostatic potential satisfies the Poisson equation. The potential itself, which, like potential energy, can be calculated within an accuracy up to an arbitrary constant, does not have significance, but rather the difference in potentials is physically significant.

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In this study the electrostatic potential on model proteins encoded by several HLA-DPA1 and HLA-DPB1 alleles was analyzed.
Using these models, the electrostatic potential at the molecular surface of each HLA-DP was calculated and compared.
Generally, those processes and materials suspected of generating electrostatic potentials or charge: personnel moving in the area, conveyor systems, display monitors, insulators, carts, etc.
Generally, processes and materials suspected of generating electrostatic potentials or charge, such as personnel in the area, conveyor systems, monitors, insulators and carts, are measured.
CUCBS' work will focus on implementation of novel algorithms for large scale biomolecular simulation, including molecular dynamics, quantum chemistry, and determination of electrostatic potentials of macromolecules.
In fact, full close-coupled calculations show that, for Na MOT temperatures, l > 1-wave wavefunctions outside of the barrier are almost independent of the shape of the electrostatic potentials inside the centrifugal barrier.
Both of these scattering lengths are different from those for the electrostatic potentials for the [[blank].
If your solution reduces electrostatic potentials on personnel from 1,000 to 50 V, you know that the solution has been effective and you can check regularly to ensure that the program continues to work.

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