Electrothermal Equipment, Institute of

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Electrothermal Equipment, Institute of


(full name, All-Union Scientific Research, Planning, Design, and Technological Institute of Electrothermal Equipment [VNIIETO]), an institute formed in 1961 from the Elektropech’ Special Design Office. The Institute of Electrothermal Equipment is located in Moscow and has branches in Istra, Novosibirsk, and Kharkov, a production facility in Moscow, and an experimental plant in Istra.

The scientific center for electric-furnace construction in the USSR, the institute conducts research and experimental design work in the development of all types of electrothermal equipment used for heating and smelting in, for example, the machine-building, metallurgical, chemical, and electronics industries. The equipment includes steelmaking arc furnaces, ore heat-treating furnaces, plasma furnaces, electron-beam furnaces, electroslag furnaces, resistance furnaces, and such induction furnaces as vacuum, controlled-atmosphere, and precision furnaces. The institute also studies and designs tubular heaters, household electric heaters, and low-temperature heating equipment used in, for example, agriculture.

The Institute of Electrothermal Equipment publishes Issledovaniia v oblasti promyshlennogo elektronagreva (Research in Industrial Electric Heating), a series of collections of scientific papers; it has an academic council and offers a program of graduate study.


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