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an urban-type settlement in Trākai Raion, Lithuanian SSR. Located 5 km from the Kaugonis railroad station and 50 km northwest of Vilnius. Elektrėnai was founded in connection with the construction of the Lithuanian State Regional Electric Power Plant (designed 1959, chief engineer V. N. Trusov). The settlement has a branch of the Kaunas Polytechnical School.

Since 1960 the settlement has been developed in accordance with the principle of a free, functional layout of four-and five-story dwellings of large reinforced-concrete panels (master plan 1960, architects B. Kasperāvičienė-Palukaitytė and K. Būčas). The new building of the secondary school using a prefabricated reinforced-concrete frame was built in accordance with a standardized design (architect L. Mardosas); the interior features the stone mosaic Peace (1963) by M. Juškevičiūtė-Mačiūlienė.

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In cooperation with the UK law-enforcement, the Lithuanian Special Investigation Service (STT) is conducting a large-scale corruption and bribery investigation involving, among other things, a 200-million-euro project carried out by France's engineering group Alstom at the Lithuanian Power Plant in Elektrenai and 43 million euros worth of reconstruction of the Kaunas hydro power plant, STT spokeswoman Renata Saulyte has confirmed.
Three trapping sites (Juodkrante, Elektrenai, and Lukstas) were located in forests at or near a cormorant colony, and 2 trapping sites (Zalgiriai and Rusne) were located in a wet forest and flooded meadows.
In all of these scenarios, the gas supply is disrupted to larger Lithuanian cities (Vilnius, Kaunas, Elektrenai), and natural gas is used as main fuel in heat generations technologies on those cities.
Recent performance tests done at Elektrenai Power Plant, Lithuania show that AVA's software beta that supports the company's unique 4-dimensional approach to vibration analysis works as expected.
Territorial NLS divisions which regularized biggest number of cadastral measurement files of land plots in 2011 Territorial Files Files Files division accepted denied checked in the field Vilnius district 5230 3752 15 Klaipeda district 4634 1859 33 Vilnius city 4572 2623 114 Alytus 3394 1974 15 Trakai and Elektrenai 3367 1551 33 Siauliai 3283 351 7 Kaunas district 3110 3312 46 Panevezys 2816 1019 31 Taurage ir Pagegiai 2071 573 0 Marijampole, Kazlu 2010 880 423 Ruda, Kalvarija Source: National Land Service.
On A1 highway, variable message signs should be placed in both traffic directions next to Grigiskes, Vievis, Elektrenai, Ziezmariai and Rumsiskes.
To assess the load carrying capacity of the pile using direct methods utilizing CPT data in Elektrenai power plant.
Dar toliau--kvartalo (statiniu komplekso) architektura, galiausiai viso miesto architektura (pas mus, pvz.: Elektrenai ar Visaginas, Brazilijoje--Brazilija, Australijoje--Kanbera ir t.
For golfers there's development of an international-standard 18-hole Capitals Golf Club at Elektrenai, between Vilnius and the second city of Kaunas, and a new championship standard course has just opened at the centre-of-Europe site in Bernotai on the edge of the city.
The conventional power stations at Vilnius, Kaunas and Elektrenai have been supplying the extra power needed since the closure of the first reactor unit at Ignalina.
In October,health officials visited the city of Kaunas,and the towns of Kedainiai and Elektrenai, to forge links and gain a better understanding of some of the systems.