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a rarely used name for magnesium alloys. It was used in the 1920’s for the first industrial magnesium alloys based on the Mg-AI-Zn and Mg-Mn systems, which contained up to 10 percent aluminum, up to 3 percent zinc, and up to 2.5 percent manganese.



the name of a series of Soviet artificial earth satellites designed to study the earth’s radiation belt, cosmic rays, the chemical composition of near-earth space, short-wave solar radiation, galactic radio emission, and micrometeorites.

Table 1. Flights of Elektron earth satellites
 Initial orbital parameters
Perigee (km)Apogee (km)Declination (degrees)Period of revolution (min)
Elektron 1. Jan. 30, 19644067,10061169
Elektron 2 . Jan. 30, 196440668,200611,360
Elektron 3 . July 11, 19644057,04060.87168
Elektron 4 . July 11, 196445966,23560.871,314

Elektron 1 and Elektron 3 weighed 350 kg and had a diameter of 0.75 m and a length of 1.3 m; Elektron 2 and Elektron 4 weighed 445 kg and had a diameter of 1.8 m and a length of 24 m (see Table 1 for additional data). The measurements made by the Elektron satellites made it possible to study the time variations of the characteristics of near-earth space during various levels of solar activity. The Elektron satellites were launched in pairs using one launch vehicle.

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