Elementary Function

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elementary function

[‚el·ə′men·trē ′fəŋk·shən]
Any function which can be formed from algebraic functions and the exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions by a finite number of operations consisting of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and composition of functions.

Elementary Function


any function in the class consisting of polynomials, rational functions, exponential functions, logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions, and inverse trigonometric functions. The class of elementary functions also includes functions obtained from those listed above through the performance of the four arithmetic operations and composition (the formation of a composite function) a finite number of times; examples are

The class of elementary functions has been best studied, and is most often encountered, in applications of mathematics. Many practical problems, however, lead to the consideration of functions that are not elementary functions, such as cylindrical functions. The derivative of an elementary function is also an elementary function. The indefinite integral of an elementary function is not always expressed in terms of an elementary function. Nonelementary functions are often represented in terms of elementary functions through the use of, for example, infinite series, infinite products, and infinite integrals.

References in classic literature ?
They satisfied the need seen in its most elementary form in a child, when it wants to have a place rubbed that has been hurt.
Through all the rhetoric which was been thrown about, by both parties, I am shocked that no one has broken the issue of the debt ceiling debate down to it's most elementary form, which would be understandable to everyone in America.
If copulation is for the animals the most elementary form of sexuality, masturbation is the "zero form" with humans, says Lakan; and he explains that with some pathological forms every contact with "reality" with the other who is made of blood and flesh, any sexual pleasure that we find in touching another human being, is nothing evident but inherently traumatic and can only be endured if the other enters into the fantasy frame of the subject.
Stern expounds this approach in elementary form in chapter 1, and then in more detail in the remainder of the book, in taking successive parts of Philosophical Investigations as a point of departure with the aim of helping readers to form their own opinion.
Ironically, the dispersal of the Benin Bronzes also shattered the European concept of African art as a relatively elementary form of tribal craft, not on the same level as Western art.
Of the nine positions, one could single out four classes of stage: dualistic thinking, (in terms of right and wrong knowledge), early multiplicity, (an elementary form of realization that there are no right and wrong answers), late multiplicity, (where students start to value thinking for themselves and appreciate that some problems are unsolvable), and contextual relativism, (where proposed solutions must be supported by reasons and reviewed in a context), and the teacher is seen as a consultant rather than a dispenser of "truth" (Rapoport, 2001).
I am constantly, amazed at the number of firms lacking even the most elementary form of disaster prevention--backing up critical information on their computer system daily and taking the backup off-site every night.
When seen from the Place du Carrousel, the huge elementary form of the Grande Arche at La Defense by Otto von Spreckelsen terminates the great axis of the Champs-Elysees and brings some sort of order to the collection of remarkably nasty commercial buildings that surrounds it.
In this conflation of neighborhood and neighborliness with a mass assembly, variously called an arengo, parlamentum, or most revealingly a commune colloquium (a "community conversation" perhaps), can be found the community in its most elementary form, a group of people who lived in proximate spaces discussing matters of mutual concern and seeking collective solutions to a problem.
I am constantly amazed at the number of firms lacking even the most elementary form of disaster prevention -- backing up critical information on their computer system daily and taking the backup off-site every night.
An elementary form of this mastery appears in the thirty-five-page appendix that lists Joyce's allusions to Wagner and his works, opera by opera.
This is youth marketing at its best and most elementary form -- no matter how old the buyer is.