Ilemi Triangle

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Ilemi Triangle,

triangular-shaped region, c.10,000 sq km (3,860 sq mi) in area, at the NW corner of Lake Turkana, E Africa. It borders South Sudan (W), Ethiopia (E) and Kenya (S). A disputed territory, it is claimed by both Kenya and South Sudan; Kenya has de facto control of the region. Sparsely settled, the Ilemi Triangle has areas of mountains, dry-season pasture lands, and swamps, and may have petroleum deposits. The inhabitants are the nomadic Turkana and other pastoral peoples. Disputes regarding the ownership of the Ilemi Triangle date to the colonial partition of Africa.
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I read with interest the short piece on the Elemi Triangle in northern Kenya (Quizzical, October 2004) as I lived there during the early 1960s.
As with many disputed territories, it's a once-forgotten region defined by colonial treaties that has taken on a new importance due to the discovery of something valuable buried within it; like the Western Sahara, the Elemi Triangle has oil and, according to some studies, lots of it,