Elephant Butte Dam

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Elephant Butte Dam,

main unit of the Rio Grande project of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation on the Rio Grande, SW N.Mex.; completed 1916. The dam, with its large reservoir, is used for flood control, hydroelectric power, and irrigation. The project was involved in a water-rights dispute between the United States and Mexico that was settled by a treaty in 1906.
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Report on the changes in regimen of the Rio Grande in the valleys below since the construction of Elephant Butte Dam, 1917-1932.
A man died after his vehicle washed into a ravine covered in mud near the Elephant Butte dam, probably on Friday during flooding, said Sgt Emmanuel Gutierrez of New Mexico State Police.
After visiting the disaster site, Davis expressed concern about the possible effect of uplift on the service's Elephant Butte Dam, a concrete gravity structure more than two hundred-feet high to be built across the Rio Grande in southern New Mexico.
Baldwin, "Excavation for Foundation of Elephant Butte Dam," Engineering News 73 (Jan.
The silvery minnow is currently found only in the middle Rio Grande from Cochiti Dam to the headwaters of the Elephant Butte Dam in New Mexico, a stretch of the Rio Grande that represents approximately five percent of the minnow's historic habitat.
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