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see yamyam,
common name for some members of the Dioscoreaceae, a family of tropical and subtropical climbing herbs or shrubs with starchy rhizomes often cultivated for food. The largest genus, Dioscorea, is commercially important in East Asia and in tropical America.
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In the postcritical part of the load shortening curve, after the limit point, the elephant foot bulge (axisymmetric mode) at one extremity grows more rapidly which corresponds to mode localization as described and explained by Bardi and Kyriakides [17]; then a 2nd critical mode associated to section ovalization (mode n = 2) begins to grow at the level of the section which goes radially inward, just near the external axisymmetric bulge or elephant foot mode.
On show by the International Fund for Animal Welfare are, from left, a cheetah skin handbag; crocodile ashtray; elephant foot stool and a crocodile skin bag.
Man, the planet's deadliest predator, is to blame as we hanker after turtle soup, elephant foot umbrella stands and rhino horn aphrodisiacs.
Officials also seized a gorilla's skull, an elephant foot made into a table, chimpanzees, wolves, a turtle and rare birds.