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Demeter's revelation in Eleusis is a confirmation of the sacred character of the Eleusinian Mysteries in the centre of which Persephone or Kore is placed.
(7) To this list of innovations that Makron introduced, this article will demonstrate that we can add one more: he painted the earliest known representation of Dionysos as an initiate into the Eleusinian Mysteries.
After all the riddles and conundrums posed to her by a variety of Wonderland tutors since leaving the great hall, Alice, like an initiate of the Eleusinian Mysteries, has acquired many life lessons.
At the outset, Lucius prays to Venus and Ceres and Proserpine, the tutelary deities of the Eleusinian mysteries, to restore his human form.
Here we might think him mastered by the spell Of Dionysus, lately intertwined With winnowing-fans and a new clientele Mad keen for any psychotropic smell Of Eleusinian mysteries. Resigned No longer to drop anchor, but to dwell For keeps in this safe haven, he'd the blind Sooth-sayer now to thank who'd once divined, Way back, how no port in a storm could quell His storm-tossed soul.
The story may be read as a perverse revisiting of the Eleusinian mysteries as initiation ceremonies for the cult of Demeter and Persephone, the disrupted nuptials and the resonance of the economic with human sacrifice.
The 23 essays in this collection include discussions of mystery and secrecy in The Secret Revelation of John, the Sethian books of the Nag Hammadi library as secret books, esotericism and Evagrius of Pontus in the Egyptian desert, the secret of an early Christian mystical experience, mystery and secrecy in Paul, a suggestion on the origins of Christological fish symbolism, initiation into the Eleusinian mysteries, the Mithras Liturgy as mystery and magic, and the secret hymn in Hermetic texts.
These conclusions about death are reinforced when Reno meets members of a secret society who perform their own personal death dramas in rites loosely based on the Eleusinian mysteries. Resurrections are based on the story of Lazarus, who failed, after he was resurrected, to report any afterlife because he had experienced none.
Additionally, the Eleusinian Mysteries allowed foreigners to participate in festivals featuring public feasting.
Mr Bowden examines the Eleusinian mysteries, those of the Kabeiroi and the gods of Samothrace, the 'mother of the gods', Dionysus, Isis, and Mithras.