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His brother Eliphalet imagined the devil was always at his elbow--but I never believed the devil wasted that much time on him."
"Eliphalet Baxter lived too much alone--hadn't even a cat or dog to keep him human.
A: Remington, founded in 1816 by Eliphalet Remington, began as a barrel maker who also supplied locks and other parts produced by others.
The MCAs passed the impeachment motion which was tabled by Eliphalet Osuri of Ruma Kaksingri.
Ruma Kaksingri MCA Eliphalet Osuri said people behind the disappearance wanted to sabotage the proceedings of the assembly."We have delayed our sitting for more than 30 minutes because the mace was stolen.
Now-iconic American companies like those started by ( Eliphalet Remington  and ( Samuel Colt  began to acquire international reputations.
Back in 1866, a young chap by the name of Eliphalet Remington Jr.
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Remington is the oldest American firearms company, going all the way back to 1816 when Eliphalet Remington forged his first rifle barrel.
About 3000 of the walking beams were produced but Beals's earlier association with Eliphalet Remington III and the combined goals of greater civilian market penetration with large frame military revolver development drew Fordyce back to Ilion in 1856.
Instead, Thackery Eliphalet Cinder, Yaramon's smarmy vice president and hatchet man, engages the public with the administration's relentless propaganda designed to placate the people into a sense of complacency, passivity and consumerism to the benefit of the decidedly pro-capitalist regime.