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For persons thus named, use Elizabeth.
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In a bid to speed up Kerstin's recovery, Elisabeth secretly took her to court last week to see Fritzl face justice and get a life sentence.
Vanuit haar kwetsbaarheid zocht Elisabeth Eybers naar bescherming.
These manly and martial sentiments would certainly not have been voiced by Guevara's contemporary, Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia (1618-80).
Born into a noble family, Elisabeth began her career with connections through her relative William of Ryckel (5) to such powerful men as William II of Holland, Henry III of Brabant, and Henry of Guelders, all three of whom were cousins, as the genealogical chart demonstrates (see Fig.
Now Elisabeth and the children are free and have been reunited with other members of the family, not least Elisabeth's mother.
According to police, Elisabeth said she and her children got food and clothing from her father only - and that her mother Rosemarie, who also lived at the house, had not been involved.
It was Elisabeth, 30, a trainee accountant, who never left Paul's side when he underwent an operation at The Walton Centre for Neurology.
Elisabeth MacNamara: California, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee
After an initial tense first minutes, Gudrun and Elisabeth start to warm to each other.
Elisabeth Butler writes articles about trends in the retail and apparel industries and contributes to Crain's New York Business's weekly real estate column.