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Congo (Kinshasa): see LubumbashiLubumbashi
, city (1984 pop. 564,830), capital of Haut-Katanga province, SE Congo (Kinshasa), near the border with Zambia. The second largest city of the country, it is a commercial and industrial center.
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This contract notice relates to the completion of all the work for the construction of docks and setting accessibility of the station-Aubergenville Elisabethville in the EOLE project, extension of the RER E in the west.
And in the Belgian Congo, Catholic missionaries who had begun showing films to urban Congolese in Leopoldville as early as 1910 soon extended the privilege to black residents of Stanleyville and Elisabethville.
Leodine, a young girl growing up in the posh suburb of Elisabethville in 1950s occupied Africa, is shocked when she learns of her African lineage.
In 1947, Pierre Romain-Desfosses, French naval officer and amateur painter, opened a "hanger" in Elisabethville, a sort of independent painting studio where he received young Congolese students.
For Aller a Elisabethville focuses on the primacy, in human beings and especially children, of perception, of emotion, of playing, of fantasy--as opposed to ratiocination.
Eight months before Hammarskjold's death on 17 January 1961--Patrice Lumumba was assassinated in Elisabethville (now Lubumbashi) in Katanga, the southern province of Congo, on the other side of the border from Northern Rhodesia (Zambia).
The enquiry which followed recommended that military uniform should no longer be worn in the factory or the colony of Elisabethville, where the workers lived.
History from Below: the 'Vocabulary of Elisabethville ' by Andre Yav: text, translations and interpretive essay.
Contract notice: Eole - extension rer e in the west - station-aubergenville elisabethville - accessibility adaptations and commissioning the station.
During World War One the site was managed by skilled Belgian armament experts who ran the National Projectile Factory and staffed it with 6,000 Belgians who lived in a newly created model village Elisabethville.
1912, Miss Agric (MRAC); 1[male] (paratype), Katanga, Elisabethville (= Lubumbashi c.