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capital of the Kalmyk ASSR. Located in the southeastern part of the Ergeni. Connected by a railroad line with central Ciscaucasia. Highway junction. Population, 63,000 (1977; 17,000 in 1939,23,000 in 1959,50,000 in 1970).

Elista was founded in 1865. It took its name from the Kalmyk work elstia (“sandy”). From the early 20th century it was the center of the ulus of Manych, Chernoiarsk District, Astrakhan Province. Soviet power was established in February 1918. From 1918 it was the administrative center of Elista Province, and from 1928 to 1935 and 1957 to 1958 of the Kalmyk Autonomous Oblast. It became a city in 1930. It was the capital of the Kalmyk ASSR from 1935 to 1943 and from 1958; from 1944 to 1957 it was the city of Stepnoi in Stavropol’ Krai, RSFSR. On Aug. 12, 1942, the city was occupied by fascist German aggressors. It was liberated by the Soviet Army on the night of Jan. 1, 1943.

Elista has combines for the production of commercial building structures and building materials, plants manufacturing reinforced-concrete products and silicate brick, and automotive and instrument repair plants. Other enterprises include a woodworking shop, a clothing production association, factories for the production of knitwear and furniture, a meat-packing plant, and a milk plant. Educational institutions include the Kalmyk Scientific Research Institute of Language, Literature, and History, the Scientific Research Institute of Beef Cattle Breeding of the Ministry of Agriculture of the RSFSR, and Kalmyk University. The city has a technicum specializing in street and highway construction, as well as schools of cultural education, medicine, music, and pedagogical training. The N. N. Pal’mov Republic Museum of local lore and the Basangov Drama Theater are located in Elista.


Elista: 100 let—Proshloe, nastoiashchee, budushchee. Elista, 1965.
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Ombadykow currently lives in Elista, where Kalmyks revere him as a holy figure and seek his blessing.
The solution to the problem of access for the children of Elista was discussed.
Pokrovsky of the Central Institute of Epidemiology in Moscow now reveals details of the Elista tragedy, which first drew official attention when an ill baby tested positive for HIV and an unrelated adult woman tested positive after donating blood.
28 Zunda-Tolga 3/1 GrA-10050 29 Zunda-Tolga 5/1 GrA-10694 30 Zunda-Tolga 7/1 GrA-10051 31 Zunda-Tolga 8/1 GrA-10165 32 Zunda-Tolga 8/1 GrA-10043 33 Zunda-Tolga 8/1 GrA-10575 34 Zunda-Tolga 9/1 GrA-10045 35 Zunda-Tolga 8/1 GrA-10046 36 Zunda-Tolga 9/1 GrA-10685 37 Elista 8/6 GrA-10682 38 Vostochnii Manitch 29/1 GrA-10679 39 Vostochnii Manitch 12/13 GrA-10683 40 Vostochnii Manitch 16/3 GrA-10696 [sup.
Birmingham's grandmaster, Tony Miles, had a very successful result for England in the Olympiad at Elista, being undefeated with five points out of seven, three wins and four draws.
Elista 14 Hristo Dyukmdjiev Str Open: Mon-Sat loam-7pm Tel: 088/ 610 39 95 FROM SMOLYAN,TO PLOVDIV [from the collection of Nikol Gallery in Smolyan] Until October 1
Open Competition: Development of project documentation for the overhaul of the existing network of public roads federal highway Lot P-22 Caspian highway M-4 Don Tambov-Volgograd-Astrakhan entrance to Elista km 268 + 000 km 273 + 000 in the Republic of Kalmykia Car Lot road P-22 Caspian highway M-4 Don Tambov-Volgograd-Astrakhan entrance to Elista km 273 + 000 km 284 + 000 in the Republic of Kalmykia Lot highway P-22 Caspian highway M-4 Don Tambov-Volgograd-Astrakhan entrance to Elista km 46 + 000-km 61 + 000 in the Volgograd region
Tehnicheskaya inventory in order to prepare the necessary documents for the state registration of rights to land and / d P-Astrakhan-216 Elista, Stavropol km391 km574 + 341 + 000 Water .