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Special Forces


(1) Subunits and units designated to perform special combat missions, such as maintenance of communications and engineering support, and having special technical equipment. Special forces in the armed forces of the USSR include engineer troops, communications troops, chemical troops, radio construction and maintenance troops, motor transport troops, and road troops. The armed forces of other countries have similar special forces. For example, in the USA such units are combat support units.

(2) In the armed forces of the USA, Great Britain, Israel, and certain other capitalist countries, there are special forces designated to destroy important installations deep in the enemy rear, undermine enemy fighting power, perform psychological warfare missions, carry out missions to mislead the enemy, and organize and carry out diversionary and subversion missions and sabotage. The units are staffed with mercenaries who undergo special training, including study of the appropriate foreign language. The mercenaries include many traitors who have fled their countries after committing political or criminal offenses. Special forces were widely used during the US aggression in Vietnam in the period 1964–73.

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The factions agreed that it was imperative to give the elite forces political cover, while distancing it from the politics of the camp.
The elite forces, backed by volunteers forces, stormed the city and freed the Police Academy building from ISIL militants, while conflicts continued in various part s of Tikrit.
It has been said that these experts were also imparting intelligence training to elite forces, so that this batch of elite forces could be used for any purpose, including tailing and keeping eye on intelligence matters.
PESHAWAR -- Security plan have been finalised by the district administration for peaceful observance of Muharram according to which police, elite force and Frontier Constabulary would guard processions and imambargahs to avert any untoward incidents.
McRaven's comments mirror, in part, observations made by Olson earlier this year, when he warned that the elite forces were "beginning to show some fraying around the edges".
elite forces storm the hotel in Manila with tanks before the rebels surrendered.
From paratroops and commandos to rangers, this A-Z reference to elite forces of the second world war is a top pick for any serious military collection looking beyond the general overview of troops and battles.
Being a member of Throw Rag's elite forces has many perks--poontang being the principle force behind rock--that too is shared amongst the force.
None of which is to say that elite forces are anything less than exceptionally brave, highly trained, and unusually fit.
Elite forces from Britain and the US are likely to play a crucial role in the attacks on Afghanistan - but co-ordinating them could prove difficult, military analysts said.
23 Kyodo The court-martialing of 11 members of the Indonesian army's KOPASSUS elite forces charged with involvement in a string of abductions and kidnappings of political and student activists began Wednesday in Jakarta.
Go behind enemy lines with the military's most elite forces -- paratroopers -- as they wage battles throughout the European theater of World War II, including D-Day, Operation Market Garden and the bitter winter defense of Bastogne.

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