Special Forces

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Special Forces


(1) Subunits and units designated to perform special combat missions, such as maintenance of communications and engineering support, and having special technical equipment. Special forces in the armed forces of the USSR include engineer troops, communications troops, chemical troops, radio construction and maintenance troops, motor transport troops, and road troops. The armed forces of other countries have similar special forces. For example, in the USA such units are combat support units.

(2) In the armed forces of the USA, Great Britain, Israel, and certain other capitalist countries, there are special forces designated to destroy important installations deep in the enemy rear, undermine enemy fighting power, perform psychological warfare missions, carry out missions to mislead the enemy, and organize and carry out diversionary and subversion missions and sabotage. The units are staffed with mercenaries who undergo special training, including study of the appropriate foreign language. The mercenaries include many traitors who have fled their countries after committing political or criminal offenses. Special forces were widely used during the US aggression in Vietnam in the period 1964–73.

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To ensure its independence the elite forces will be downsized, from 450 members to 280.
The army forwarded hundreds of elite forces to the Southern part of Damascus province after terrorists in Eastern Ghouta endorsed an evacuation agreement with Damascus to leave the region for Northern Syria.
They explained that the overnight incident was particularly notable because of the casualties suffered by members of the joint elite forces, Islamic Jihad Movement and the DFLP.
A security source said that elite forces had killed more than 70 terrorists and burned / 10 / vehicles used by them tried to get close to the Baiji refinery for the second time.
Prabowo headed the elite forces for nearly two years until March 29 and was replaced by Maj.
Summary: The joint Palestinian elite forces Tuesday implemented a security plan heralded as unprecedented in two areas of south Lebanon's Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp, in an apparent effort to prevent the fragile security situation there from collapsing.
BAGHDAD / NINA / Anti- terrorism unit announced on Friday that the elite forces hunt down members of the / ISIS / in coordination with the Army Aviation in villages north of Tikrit, killing large numbers of them.
ISLAMABAD, January 04, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Governor Punjab Suleman Taseer was assassinated on Tuesday afternoon by one of the guard of elite forces. Late Governor Punjab Suleman Taseer was assassinated by one of his guard of elite forces in the posh sector of the federal capital F-6 after he was coming out of a restaurant after eating lunch with one of his friends.
ISLAMABAD, January 04, 2011 (Frontier Star): Governor Punjab Suleman Taseer was assassinated on Tuesday afternoon by one of the guard of elite forces. Governor House spokesman has confirmed that the Governor has been killed.
Over a hundred photos and special diagrams packs SAS And Elite Forces: The Elite Military Units Of The World, recounting the story of the special military forces of today, their origins, equipment, training, and roles.
The Turkish army sent a sum of 1,200 elite forces to Northwestern Aleppo on Wednesday to join the assault against the Kurdish fighters in Afrin region amid deployment of pro-Damascus popular forces in the Kurdish-held town of Afrin.
Earlier this month, it was announced that camps in Beirut would soon see their own elite forces once deployment in Mieh Mieh was complete.

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