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Elizabeth City,

city (1990 pop. 14,292), seat of Pasquotank co., NE N.C., a port of entry on the Pasquotank River (which, with the Dismal Swamp Canal, forms part of the Intracoastal WaterwayIntracoastal Waterway,
c.3,000 mi (4,827 km) long, partly natural, partly artificial, providing sheltered passage for commercial and leisure boats along the U.S. Atlantic coast from Boston, Mass. to Key West, S Fla., and along the Gulf of Mexico coast from Apalachee Bay, NW Fla.
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); settled mid-1600s, inc. 1793. It is the largest city in the Albemarle Sound area, a trade and shipping center for the region's diversified farm products. There are shipyards, lumberyards, crabmeat processing plants, and varied manufactures. The area was first visited (1584) and mapped by a scouting expedition from Roanoke Island. The first General Assembly of Carolina met there in 1665. In the Civil War, Elizabeth City was occupied (1862) by Union troops and burned. It is the seat of Elizabeth City State Univ. and the College of the Albemarle. A large U.S. Coast Guard air station is nearby, as is Kitty Hawk.
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Address : Elizabeth City, North Carolina 27909-5001
The nation's only steel hangar for blimps remaining from World War II stands near Elizabeth City, North Carolina.
Michelle Ward Deanes of Elizabeth City, North Carolina.
Coast Guard Support Center in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, to serve as chief of the Environmental Compliance Division.
Snowden grew up in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, later moving to Maryland, near the NSA's headquarters at Fort Meade.
com)-- Woodie Records, headquartered in Elizabeth City, North Carolina and the Brewer Media Group have agreed to a multi-year contract that will provide artists a low cost alternative to recording, song promotion, name branding, media coverage and most importantly long term support.
An aide was waiting with a car, and they sped to a quiet regional airport bound for a place called Elizabeth City, North Carolina.
Twiddy will be based in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, and will grow the bank's business in Albemarle and Wilmington area.
One of these examples is a home founded by Ann Parke Hughes in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.
BGI), Elizabeth City, North Carolina, announced it has added a new product, LOANS
1) These branches are in Elizabeth City, North Carolina ("Elizabeth City Branch"), and Emporia and Suffolk, both in Virginia (collectively, "Virginia Branches").
William Sawyer of Elizabeth City, North Carolina, and the late Mr.

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