Elizabeth Islands

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Elizabeth Islands,

chain of small islands off Cape Cod that form the southern boundary of Buzzards Bay; SE Mass. Naushon is the largest island. Cuttyhunk Island was settled in 1641 and has a U.S. Coast Guard station. Most of the islands are privately owned.
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Like Wolf Hollow, which is set in the mountains of Pennsylvania in 1943, Beyond the Bright Sea is also a work of historical fiction, set in the Elizabeth Islands off the coast of Cape Cod in 1925.
Glaciologists analyzed ice flow to the ocean from 1991 to 2015 in the Queen Elizabeth Islands, and found that surface melt grew by a whopping 900 percent, or 10 times, in the 10 years between 2005 and 2015, increasing to 30 gigatons per year by the end of that time.
To which Commonwealth country do the Queen Elizabeth Islands belong?
The station operated successfully until the ice island drifted into the channels of the Queen Elizabeth Islands in 1990-91 and eventually broke up.
Fast false albacore fishing has been excellent around the Vineyard and Montauk, and big tautog are hitting at Woods Hole, Provincetown Harbor and the Elizabeth Islands.
39 (Wes Anderson) Director Wes Anderson said the small Massachusetts island--one of the Elizabeth Islands near Martha's Vineyard--inspired the fictional island in "Moonrise Kingdom.
The Bathurst Island complex (BIC) is located north of 75[degrees]N within the Queen Elizabeth Islands (QEI), Nunavut, Canada (Fig.
Dukes County, consisting of Martha's Vineyard and the tiny Elizabeth Islands, most of which are owned by the Forbes family, has seen one of the sharpest housing price rebounds in Massachusetts.
The group boarded a commercial plane late Monday and arrived early Tuesday at Eureka, Nunavut, Canada, a small settlement in the Queen Elizabeth Islands west of Greenland.
The Queen Elizabeth Islands are a virtual desert with total annual snowfall of less than 13 cm.
Yves responded by proposing a full-scale, air-supported geological reconnaissance concentrated on the Queen Elizabeth Islands in the spring and summer of 1955.
Thursday -- On The Water Television: Kayaking the Elizabeth Islands in October.

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