Elk Island National Park

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Elk Island National Park,

75 sq mi (194 sq km), central Alta., Canada, near Edmonton; est. 1913. It occupies a wooded rolling region in the midst of level farmland. The park is Canada's major fenced preserve for plains and wood bison and other prairie animals. Numerous small lakes offer summertime recreation.

Elk Island National Park

Address:Site 4 RR 1
Fort Saskatchewan, AB T8L2N7

Web: www.pc.gc.ca/pn-np/ab/elkisland
Size: 194 sq. km.
Established: 1906.
Location:35 km east of Edmonton, Alberta, on Yellowhead Hwy 16 east.
Facilities:Visitor center, 2 campgrounds, 11 trails (90 km;@di), picnic areas, restrooms, boat launch, 9-hole golf course. Services and facilities are concentrated in Astotin Lake area.
Activities:Camping, hiking, wildlife viewing, boating, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, golfing, environmental education programs.
Special Features:Elk Island is one of four national parks that represent the Southern Boreal Plains and Plateau natural region. It protects a portion of the transitional grassland ecosystem, a landscape that once stretched across the central portion of the continent. In addition to wildlife that includes plains and wood bison, elk, moose, deer, coyote, and beaver, park is home to 250+ bird species.

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Before they were moved from Elk Island National Park, the bison were quarantined for three weeks for health testing until they were deemed disease free.
Investments in visitor areas such as the Astotin Lake campground, trails, day use area, and the Elk Island National Park Visitor Centre will continue to provide safe access and improve the visitor experience at these unique Parks Canada sites, allowing more Canadians to experience the outdoors.
Fox sees the treaty as the "fundamental link" that Elk Island National Park needed to transfer part of its surplus buffalo herd to the Blackfoot Confederacy.
Spiritually, I thought (the treaty) was a very special thing and where the government of Canada can support such a special initiative, we're absolutely there," said Stephen Flemming, superintendent at Elk Island National Park.
Yield, use and chemical composition of forage in Elk Island National Park, Alberta.
Populus forest characterization in Elk Island National Park relative to herbivory, prescribed fire, and topography.
The objective here is to review factors potentially contributing to tick-related die-offs of moose using published literature, reports, and observations from central Alberta, particularly Elk Island National Park and vicinity; then, to assess specific factors or influences that might be used to predict epizootics of ticks and die-offs of moose.
That happened the week of October 14, 1991 at Elk Island National Park, near Edmonton Alberta, when approximately 45 cm of snow fell, burying most low vegetation (Aalangdong 1994).
They put blood-fed, adult, female winter ticks in outdoor, screen-wire cages at Elk Island National Park at biweekly intervals from early March to late April-mid May, 1982 and 1983, and monitored for survival.
Today, the Honourable Peter Kent, Canada s Environment Minister and Minister responsible for Parks Canada, announced that Elk Island National Park has provided an additional 30 wood bison to the Republic of Sakha, Russia.
Environment Canada and Parks Canada Agency have an agreement with the Republic of Sakha, Russia, to provide wood bison from Elk Island National Park to Lensky Stolby Nature Park in Sakha.
From its earliest days to today s latest relocation of wood bison to Russia, Elk Island National Park has a long and successful history of caring for and safely relocating wildlife, said Alan Fehr, Field Unit Superintendent for Elk Island and Prince Albert National Parks.