Elliott, Denholm Mitchell

Elliott, Denholm Mitchell (1922–1992)

(pop culture)

Denholm Mitchell Elliott, one of England’s most famous actors, was born May 31, 1922, in London, the son of Nina Mitchell and Niles Layman Elliott. Just prior to World War II he attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts but did not make his formal stage debut until 1945 in The Drunkard. He made his first movie, Dear Mr. Prohack, in 1948. In 1951 he appeared on the New York stage for the first time and made his first Hollywood movie, Breaking the Sound Barrier. In 1969 Elliott starred in the title role in the British television version of Dracula. He has been remembered, at least in England, as one of the more memorable persons to portray the count. The production was one of the most faithful adaptations of the novel, and was noted particularly for the final scene in which Dracula disintegrated. Elliott wore a beard for the part.

Following his appearance in Dracula, Elliott appeared in numerous movies, both American and British productions, though none of the vampire genre.


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