Kronborg castle

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Kronborg castle:

see HelsingørHelsingør
or Elsinore
, city (1992 pop. 43,302), Frederiksborg co., E Denmark, on the Øresund opposite Helsingborg, Sweden. It is an industrial center, fishing port, and summer resort. Manufactures include ships, rubber, machinery, beer, and textiles.
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, Denmark.
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On April 23, 2014 -- the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare's birth -- a troupe of British players set off from the site of the first production of Shakespeare's masterpiece and will finish next April at Elsinore Castle in Denmark, where the play is set.
While other stage work includes Edward Bond's Bingo at the Young Vic alongside Patrick Stewart and the title role in director Bill Alexander's production of Hamlet at Birmingham Rep which led to a national tour and was performed at Elsinore Castle in Denmark.
There would be no time for waffling through the various options on the ramparts of Elsinore Castle.
But after an ill-conceived opening in which the audience is herded onto the stage to play follow-that-ghost, the overall tone of helmer Brian Kulick's production emphatically suggests that Elsinore Castle has been turned into a nursery for giddy grown-ups who have abdicated the political responsibilities of their governing class.
In considering new voice, data and video systems for Elsinore Castle, Hamlet found it quite difficult to decide whether leasing might not just be the better option.
in its second half, the beam from a lighthouse placed in a tower of Elsinore castle swept the scaffolding erected in the courtyard with its light, yellow and red in turn.
A-level drama students from Harwich School have been invited to perform the Shakespearean tragedy at Elsinore castle.