eleutherococcus senticosus

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Famous invigorating adaptogen with dark blue berries that regulates stress, strengthens adrenal and kidney function, physical endurance and mental/memory enhancement through its blood oxygen enriching properties. Eleuthero is a great herb for anyone who’s involved in sports or work that demands strength and endurance, and fatigued, stressed people with burned out adrenals and endocrine system. Root, bark and stem are parts used. Be cautious if you have high blood pressure.
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De qualquer modo e uma vez que o elutheros e aquele cuja 'liberdade' (como visto igualmente no De oratore de Cicero) deriva da riqueza, entao e desta que desponta a condicao do 'ocio', que por si so e um bem aprazivel, nobre, apreciavel, proveitoso, enfim, belo.