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(chemical engineering)
The process of removing substances from a mixture through washing and decanting.
In a mixture, the separation of finer lighter particles from coarser heavier particles through a slow stream of fluid moving upward so that the lighter particles are carried with it.
The washing away of the lighter or finer particles in a soil, especially by the action of raindrops.



(or clarification), the separation of slowly settling fine particles of a polydisperse suspension from rapidly settling larger and heavier particles by decanting a liquid containing the not yet settled particles from a settled precipitate.

Elutriation is a means of hydraulic classification of ground materials (with particle size from several tenths of a micron to several millimeters) that combines settling with décantation into consecutively linked settling basins (reservoirs, tanks, or chambers). The process is used to concentrate mineral raw materials, produce fine powders, and cleanse clays (particularly kaolin) of mechanical impurities (sand, mica, and feldspar).

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6%, which can further be removed, if processing of Nagar Parkar kaolin is performed by elutriation.
Elutriation is sometimes used for T-cell depletion; after centrifugation, the small-cell fraction containing T cells is discarded.
The clams can be separated from the sand grains by elutriation (separating the clams from the sand by repeated rinsings); it takes about 2 hours to elutriate each sample and one to two hours to count the clams in it using a dissecting microscope.
Donnenberg uses a method called counterflow centrifugal elutriation (CCE) to remove lymphocytes from bone marrow.
Presolicitation: Avanti j-26s xpi system with elutriation
A 250 cm3 fresh soil subsample was used for nematode extraction using the Oostenbrink (1960) elutriation procedure (ISO 23611-4).
Moulton & Penttila 2000), winnowing or elutriation has previously been used to assess sand lance spawning because the process of agitating the sample loosens the adhesive eggs from sand grains (Thuringer, unpubl.
Free-living nematodes were extracted (according to the NF ISO 23611-4 standard) by elutriation, followed by an active passage through a cotton filter.
This is mainly because the elutriation of particles, which induce some particles to burn at the top of the furnace, is more obvious with decreasing particle size.
Various methods such as differential plating, velocity sedimentation, elutriation, discontinuous gradient, Hoechst 33342 and rhodamine123 side population, magnetic-activated cells sorting (MACS) and fluorescence activated cells sorting (FACS) have been employed to isolate SSC in different species (van Pelt et al.
The influence of the particle size distribution in the bed on the elutriation rate of fine particles was negligible.