Elysian fields

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Elysian fields

(ĭlĭzh`ən) or


(ĭlĭzh`ēəm), in Greek religion and mythology, happy otherworld for heroes favored by the gods. Identified with the Fortunate IslesFortunate Isles
or Isles of the Blest,
in classical and Celtic legend, islands in the Western Ocean. There the souls of favored mortals were received by the gods and lived happily in a paradise.
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 or Isles of the Blest, Elysium was situated in the distant west, at the edge of the world. In later tradition and in Vergil, Elysium is a part of the underworld and a pleasant abode for the righteous dead.
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Elysian Fields

home of the blessed after death. [Gk. Myth.: Kravitz, 88]
See: Heaven
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This is hinted at from the outset, as the two streetcars she catches to reach Elysian Fields are called Desire and Cemeteries.
According to Ms Bridges, Elysian Fields were contacted before Steph's death by a concerned friend.
As the play progressed into scenes that were more fantastic in locale-the Elysian Fields, heaven, the reincarnation mechanism-the elements became more and more surreal and fantastic (fig.
Pardue's artistic expression and references in the exhibition, 'The Elysian Fields' is captured in dramatic, large-scale compositions that highlight her bold spectrum of color and range of depth.
Edgar Award-winning James Lee Burke's Dave Robicheaux has become a Louisiana crime-fighting icon over the series' 19 installments, which include Last Car to Elysian Fields ([EXCELLENT] Jan/Feb 2004), Crusader's Cross ([EXCELLENT] Sept/Oct 2005), The Tin Roof Blowdown ([EXCELLENT] SELECTION Nov/Dec 2007), Swan Peak ([EXCELLENT] Sept/Oct 2008), and The Glass Rainbow ([EXCELLENT] Nov/Dec 2010).
He remains best–known in terms of his film career for those two roles, while more recently he's had parts in movies such as Freejack, Bent and The Man From Elysian Fields. In 1995 he also formed his own production company, entitled Jagged Films, which produced the 2001 Second World War drama Enigma and 2008 hit The Women.
At age 44, my wife and I are about equally distant from the halcyon days of college and the Elysian fields of retirement and common sense says that we should spend the next 20 years consolidating and slowing growing our meager nest egg, not taking on a 30-year mortgage when we have only ten or so years left on our current one.
ON THIS DAY IN SPORT 1846: The first official baseball match took place at Elysian Fields, Hoboken, New York.
The two who immediately come to mind are people I actually gave poetry gigs when I was curating a series there: Jennifer Charles of Elysian Fields and Mike Doughty, a founding member of Soul Coughing.
Also on the programme for Mold is Elysian Fields, a powerful piece choreographed by the inventive and groundbreaking Javier De Frutos and set to the music from A Streetcar Named Desire.
Shows with titles like The Really Big Once and Elysian Fields and A Lonely Man's Habit assayed the writer's life and creative impact at New York City's Target Marg'in Theater, New York Fringe and See-Saw Solo Festival.
Essays discuss his early career as a printer; his career in comparison to novelist Laurence Sterne; his principles concerning freedom of the press; the intellectual, social and cultural context of his life; critical reception of his works; the place of fatherhood in his autobiography; the reactions of Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and Wright to his legacy; his work in medical electricity as a precursor to electroshock therapy; his short work "The Elysian Fields"; his memoir; and other topics.