Elza Radzin

Radzin’, Elza Ianovna


(also Elza Radzipa; married name, Šalkonis). Born Jan. 28 (Feb. 10), 1917, in Kharkov. Soviet Latvian actress. People’s Artist of the USSR (1976).

Radzin’ graduated from the drama studio of the Jelgava Theater in 1944. She made her debut in 1936. After performing at the Jelgava and Valmiera theaters, she joined the A. Upīts Latvian Drama Theater in 1954. Her roles have included Maja in Rainis’ Love Is Stronger Than Death, Elina and Antonija in Blaumanis’ Tailors in Silmačos, Filumena in De Filippo’s Filumena Marturano, George Sand in Ivashkevich’s Summer in Nohant, Mrs. Patrick Campbell in Kilty’s Dear Liar, and the title role in Racine’s Phèdre. Radzin’ has also performed in motion pictures, playing such roles as Gertrude in Hamlet, Goneril in King Lear, and the mother in Blow, Little Breeze!