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(also Elsevier), a family of Dutch printers and publishers, active from 1581 to 1712, who dominated the European book trade in the 17th century. The Elzevirs were centered in Leiden in the first half of the century and in Amsterdam during the latter half. The founder of the firm was Louis Elzevir (1546[?]–1617). The most outstanding representatives were Bonaventura (1583–1652), Isaac (1596–1651), and Louis the Younger (1604–70).

The Elzevirs published more than 2,200 books, as well as approximately 3,000 dissertations for the University of Leiden. In addition to the works of classical authors, they published works by Rabelais, F. Bacon, Galileo, Pascal, Locke, Moliere, Corneille, and Racine. Especially successful were their editions in 12mo and 24mo. These inexpensive and well-designed volumes included the Petites Républiques, a series of 35 titles, including Russia, or Muscovy, and Also Tataria. The Elzevirs used several colophons, including a solitary man under a tree, a globe, and an eagle. Their publications are called Elzevirs.


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FATHER FIGURE Ray as Elzevir in Moonfleet CLOSE-KNIT With Elaine and daughters Lois and Jaime
Elzevir (Ray Winstone), Grace (Sophie Cookson) and John (Aneurin Barnard) in Moonfleet on Sky One (inset) John Meade Falkner, author of Moonfleet
This collection, the oldest of the National Assembly, was acquired in 1892 and includes valuable editions of famous European printers, including Albe, Elzevir, Estienne, Jenson and Crispin, books dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries, works written in Amerindian languages, books of sermons given by Protestant preachers, as well as works written by Chauveau himself.
Angels Heurtebise, Elzevir, Dimanche, Cegeste, After having .
This guide to Aristotle's theory of tragedy was first published in Leiden by the Elzevir press in 1611 as an appendix to the Greek text of the Poetics and Hensius' Latin translation of it.
The reason for this confusion comes, I think, directly from the popularization of the term textus receptus by the Dutch publisher Elzevir, who in 1633 reprinted the first printed edition of the Greek New Testament, edited by the famous humanist, Desiderius Erasmus, which was published in 1516.
paru chez Elzevir, structure sous forme de petits pamphlets et de textes satiriques sur des situations de la vie quotidienne.
According to Elzevir Gelderbloem, Namport's project manager for the expansion of the container terminal, the need for the new container terminal facility was been identified more than three years ago.
Queen Christina was also the dedicatee of several musical publications, including Marcus Meibom's Antiquae musicae auctores septem: Graece et latine (Amsterdam: Elzevir, 1652; reprint, Monuments of Music and Music Literature in Facsimile, 51 [New York: Broude Bros.