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e-mail program

Software in the user's computer, tablet or smartphone that accesses the mail servers in a local or remote network. Also known as an "e-mail client," "mail client," "mail program," and "mail reader," it provides the ability to send and receive e-mail messages and file attachments. Examples of e-mail programs for personal computers are Outlook, Eudora and Thunderbird.

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E-mail programs are local applications that years ago had more features than Web-based e-mail, which uses the Web browser as the interface. As Web mail interfaces improve, there are fewer advantages of the stand-alone e-mail client, except in smartphones where viewing a Web page is cumbersome. Smartphone mail programs are designed for small screens.

In addition, before mail can be retrieved, e-mail programs must be installed in the computer, and mail server addresses and protocols must be configured. Although smartphone mail clients are pre-installed, they still require configuration.

In contrast, users can log into their Web-based e-mail from any computer in the world with username and password. Nevertheless, people get used to software, and it only takes one or two features in an e-mail client program to make it preferable to the Web browser interface. See e-mail interfaces, messaging system, universal client, POP3 and IMAP4.
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Mailshell has embedded this cryptographically secure technology into its email client and SpamCatcher(TM) software to enable it to recognize and verify Postiva(TM) Trusted Sender email, ensure its delivery and alert the recipient as to its validity with a special icon.
Scalix Corporation, the leading provider of Linux-based enterprise messaging software and SugarCRM, the world's leading provider of commercial open source CRM, said the integration allows their mutual customers to move seamlessly - within a complete Linux environment - between their primary Outlook desktop email client, SugarCRM software and Scalix's Linux-based Mail Server, assuring more efficiency and accuracy in managing sales leads by their customers.
OrcaFax[TM] is a secure, high-performance desktop fax service that allows subscribers to send and receive fax messages from Microsoft Outlook or any other POP3 email client.
The new RSS feed option enables users to bypass their email client altogether and leverage the web browser to access and monitor their secure email correspondence through simple toolbar buttons.
Also included at no cost is the Firefox(TM) Web browser, Thunderbird(TM) email client and Sunbird Calendar.
IncrediMail generates revenue by the sale of these products and services; licensing and co-branding the Incredi brand to operators of third party websites; and selling paid advertising and sponsored links on its website and email client.
Resellers combine the kit with an Intel-compatible server to provide a complete hardware/software solution featuring a robust email server with rich email client support, high reliability, security and low cost of ownership.
CE Raw is for members of the Linux technical community who want a free, robust, reliable and open email and calendaring server, with rich email client support, that can be easily customized.
It includes the industry's most robust third-party support for MS Outlook and Scalix Web Access (SWA), the company's highly-regarded and fully featured AJAX web email client.
Kubi Enable(TM) software for sales workflow management improves sales effectiveness by enabling sales people to coordinate and manage business-critical, revenue-centric, sales-related workflows and activities from their email client.
Plaxo for Mac represents a major step toward the company's vision to offer the first truly universal personal contact management service, accessible on any platform, email client, browser, or mobile device.
With Scalix, customers get the best of two worlds: a solid, field-proven technology core that is highly reliable, with cutting edge innovations like a powerful AJAX web email client and cross-platform inter-organizational calendaring.