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8220;We have seen a significant up tick in small businesses moving to run their own email server,” said Susan Bunbury, senior Support Analyst for Mailtraq.
The MDaemon FREE Email Server software for Windows will initially be available in English but will deploy in additional languages throughout the remainder of 2008.
Winthrop University relies on Mirapoint's Email Server and Email Security Gateway for multiple purposes, including monitoring ingoing and outgoing mail for spam and viruses.
Combined with PKZIP's seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes, administrators can now centrally establish rules across all of their users to automatically compress any email attachment that exceeds a pre-determined file size, enabling a significant reduction in data traffic on enterprise networks, email servers, and within users' mailboxes.
At this stage the receiving email server can help prevent dictionary attacks, where spammers attempt to validate random email addresses through the use of the verify command (VRFY) or by faking an email to series of email addresses.
German-based SuSE Linux AG has unveiled the third generation of its eMail Server e-mail system.
The goal of Alt-N Technologies is to provide small-to- medium businesses the most affordable, secure and easy-to-use email server in the market.
Set quotas for individual users mailboxes to prevent employees using the email server for storing hundreds of megabytes of personal photographs and videos
Messaging data generates huge volumes of storage: Microsoft Exchange alone processes more than 3 million email messages every day through corporate email servers, and analysts estimate that email and attachments are growing at a rate of 35% per year.
pdf and learn more about the MDaemon Email Server by downloading a free, fully functional 30-day trial at http://www.
A spam firewall is a single box computing appliance that is set up in front of the email server This appliance receives all the incoming email for the organization and processes it such that only the good email is passed on to the email server.
Backup tapes must be restored to a replica of the production email server.