Emanuel Arnold

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Arnold, Emanuel


Born Nov. 9, 1800, in Mnichovo-Hradište; died Jan. 4, 1869, in Prague. Czech social figure and publicist; one of the most consistent of the radical democrats.

In the 1840’s, Arnold belonged to the democratic secret society the Czech Repeal. During the Revolution of 1848–49 he was one of the leaders of the revolutionary movement; he published the newspaper Občanské noviny. When the revolution was crushed, he received a death sentence, later commuted to imprisonment.


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Emanuel Arnold was earlier a Councilor in the Northern Provincial Council.
Also when 'Asian Tribune' asked about the replacement to the seat vacated by Emanuel Arnold in the Northern Provincial Council, Sri Kantha quipped that it is not an issue and the one who is next in line would be nominated.
19 -- Ilankai Thamil Arasu Kadchchi (ITAK) has decided to nominate the Northern Provincial Councilor Emanuel Arnold as its Mayoral Candidate for the Jaffna Municipality.
'Asian Tribune' learnt that the rank and file of the ITAK has welcomed the nomination of Emanuel Arnold.
During the TNA leaders meeting, the Chief Minister Wigneswaran undiplomatically announced, that at any cost, he would not nominate as ministers, anyone of the five ITAK Councilors - Emanuel Arnold, Chandralingham Sugirthan, Kesavan Sayanthan, Ariyakutty Paramsothy and Ayoop Asim.
It is said that Wigneswaran with the view to continue his spat with the leaders of the Ilankai Thamilarasu Kadchi, especially with the Party's spokesperson M.A.Sumanthian MP, he has ignored the recommendation made by the party to appoint Emanuel Arnold, as the minister of education, instead he has appointed Arumugam Kandiah Sarvswaran as the education minister.
Earlier, Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi recommended one of its Councilor Emanuel Arnold, a loyal confidante of Sumanthiran M.P., to fill the vacant position of minister of education - claimed to be the quota belongs to the party.