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embedded Web server

Web server software that is built into hardware. Almost all network devices have embedded Web servers (HTTP servers), which provide a control panel for configuring the device. The primary advantage is that hardware vendors only have to write one program based on Internet standards, and their control panel utility is accessible from any Web browser on any hardware platform.

An embedded Web server is like a mini website, except that it is not on the Web. However, some Web servers may be accessed remotely via the Internet. See ETI and Web server.

A Mini Website in the Printer
This home page came from the HTTP server built into the laser printer, not from the Web. The is the IP address of the printer on the local network. See IP address.

In an External Print Server
HTTP server software is built into this external network print server, which plugs into the printer's parallel port.

A Website in Your Washing Machine
This washing machine has a Wi-Fi connection for reporting problems to the vendor, and settings are configured and displayed via a Web browser.
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Both modules provide UART and SPI interfaces and are pre-loaded with serial to Wi-Fi firmware with complete Wi-Fi functionality including security, WPS and provisioning features running on the module as well as the networking stack, an embedded HTTP server with network configuration pages and limited AP capability for ease of provisioning.
The runtime environment can pull its content from a variety of sources, including: a virtual file system linked directly into the firmware, a true file system in flash memory, an embedded HTTP server on the device, or a web site from which content can be updated without reprogramming the device.
Home or building automation systems can benefit from browser-based remote video monitoring from the embedded HTTP server in 3JTech's Web camera; irrigation controllers from Holman Industries can be updated with the latest weather and ground conditions by email; industrial gateways from Modules Ltd.
RomPager includes an embedded HTTP server that is compatible with all standard browsers including Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator or Communicator, Hot Java, and Mosaic, on all platforms, allowing any network-connected browser user to easily access and control the device.
The StellarSwitch SGX8216 makes this possible with its embedded HTTP server.
An embedded HTTP server allows easy configuration for authorized access using any standard web browser over the Internet or any local workstation across the LAN.
While RapidControl for Web includes an embedded HTTP server, it's the only device management product that also provides a fully integrated framework for Internet-enabling device management around a common, intelligent backplane.
UB Networks is using ISI's embedded HTTP server to enable remote access and monitoring of network hubs.
Initial application areas for embedded HTTP server functionality include remote monitoring of office equipment, remote monitoring and control of manufacturing systems, security systems, and home entertainment system remote programming and intercommunications.

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