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an allegorical picture containing a moral lesson, often with an explanatory motto or verses, esp one printed in an emblem book



a conventional representation of an abstract concept or idea that makes use of an image of some kind (for example, the dove is the emblem of the peace movement); frequently regarded as a type of allegory. In the narrow sense, an emblem is a symbolic representation usually accompanied by a short motto and a more detailed didactic commentary; it is a pictorial-literary genre characteristic of the culture of mannerism and the baroque. Special collections of emblems that explained, through the use of metaphor, a wide variety of theological, political, and socioethical concepts, enjoyed great popularity from the second half of the 16th century to the 18th century and considerably influenced the literature, fine arts, and decorative art of the era.


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Emblems of Exploration: Logos of the NACA and NASA is a monograph that describes the history of the emblems used by the nation's air and space exploration agencies.
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Batken region administration presented the region's own flag and emblem on December 4, the press service of the administration said.
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