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an allegorical picture containing a moral lesson, often with an explanatory motto or verses, esp one printed in an emblem book



a conventional representation of an abstract concept or idea that makes use of an image of some kind (for example, the dove is the emblem of the peace movement); frequently regarded as a type of allegory. In the narrow sense, an emblem is a symbolic representation usually accompanied by a short motto and a more detailed didactic commentary; it is a pictorial-literary genre characteristic of the culture of mannerism and the baroque. Special collections of emblems that explained, through the use of metaphor, a wide variety of theological, political, and socioethical concepts, enjoyed great popularity from the second half of the 16th century to the 18th century and considerably influenced the literature, fine arts, and decorative art of the era.


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It was in a state of mind superinduced by these conditions that La led forth her jabbering company to retrieve the sacred emblem of her high office and wreak vengeance upon the author of her wrongs.
The shining object still lured him on and when he had come closer to it his eyes went wide in surprise, for the thing they saw was naught else than the jewel-encrusted emblem upon the prow of a small flier.
The man paced placidly along with the apple- wood emblem of serenity between his teeth.
I would attempt to draw her picture, but that is done already by a more able master, Mr Hogarth himself, to whom she sat many years ago, and hath been lately exhibited by that gentleman in his print of a winter's morning, of which she was no improper emblem, and may be seen walking
A little emblem of true love--a little ring that symbolised unending and unmercenary affection--was the cause of our Richard finding his happiness.
It was a warm June morning, and the Latter Day Saints were as busy as the bees whose hive they have chosen for their emblem.
A PROPOSAL to ban Assembly members from displaying party emblems at their constituency offices has come under fire.
With the support of the OSCE Office in Batken region, 10 flags and emblems for 96,000 soms were issued.
I recall a sketch by the Two Ronnies in which they had a table with three emblems on it.
Australia Post is featuring national and state floral emblems in a new stamp issue available now.
They consider such matters as the function of landscape in Benito Arias Montano's Humanae salutis monumenta (1571), gender and ethics at home in the Hecatomgraphie and emblems in Cebes, the painted emblems formerly in the schoolboys' dormitory in the deanery of Bristol Cathedral, and applied emblems between Tristan l'Hermite's poetry and 17th-century French decoration.
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