Emelian Ukraintsev

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Ukraintsev, Emel’ian Ignat’evich


Born 1641; died Sept. 12 (23), 1708. Russian state figure and diplomat.

Ukraintsev, descended from the minor landowning gentry, became a pod’iachii (lowest ranking official) of the Posol’skii Prikaz (Foreign Office) in 1660; he served under A. L. Ordin-Nashcho-kin, with whom he participated in a mission to Warsaw in 1662-63 and in the conclusion of the Armistice of Andrusovo of 1667 with Poland. In 1672-73 he was an envoy to Sweden, Denmark, and Holland and conducted negotiations with these countries concerning military actions against Turkey. Ukraintsev participated in the signing of the Eternal Peace of 1686 with Poland. He headed the Posol’skii Prikaz from 1689 to 1699. In 1699-1700 he was ambassador to Turkey, where he successfully concluded the Constantinople Peace Treaty of 1700. From 1702 to 1706 he headed the Proviantskii Prikaz (Quartermaster’s Office).

Ukraintsev was later convicted of abuses and was subjected to corporal punishment and a monetary fine. In 1707-08 he was ambassador to Poland, along with prince V. L. Dolgorukii. Ukraintsev was dispatched to Hungary to reconcile the Hungarian prince F. Rákóczy with Joseph I, emperor of Austria; he died while on the mission.


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