boot disk

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boot disk

(operating system)
The magnetic disk (usually a hard disk) from which an operating system kernel is loaded (or "bootstrapped"). This second phase in system start-up is performed by a simple bootstrap loader program held in ROM, possibly configured by data stored in some form of writable non-volatile storage.

MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows can be configured (in the BIOS) to try to boot off either floppy disk or hard disk, in either order. By default they first check for the presence of a floppy disk in the drive at start-up and try to use that as a boot disk if present. If no disk is in the drive they then try to boot off the hard disk.

Some operating systems, notably SunOS and Solaris, can be configured to boot from a network rather than from disk. Such a system can thus run as a diskless workstation.
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After reviewing procedures for creating a solid backup and emergency boot drive in case of an accident, this guide shows how to hack the Mac OS X operating system, the iPod storage device, iTunes, iChat, iPhoto, iWeb, Apple TV, the iPhone software development kit, and MacBook.
0, offering system and data backup and recovery and an emergency boot CD, the company said.
It even has an emergency boot release that can be operated from inside the luggage compartment, apparently to stop kids trapping themselves.
0 can be run from Windows or alternatively from an emergency boot disk - it does not need to be installed on the machine prior to the data loss.
It's essential to be prepared by having an emergency boot disk.
As long as you can boot up in safe mode, or use the emergency boot up disk, you can run the health check wizard, find a snapshot from a time the computer was working and everything will be restored to as it was then.
A number of utility programs provide emergency boot disks, which attempt to repair damage done to your hard disk.
First, some good news: Many manufacturers supply or prompt you to make an emergency boot disk that really works in emergencies, often in conjunction with a CD-ROM that comes with the computer.

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