fire escape

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fire escape,

in architecture, device, either fixed or movable, to facilitate escape from a burning building. In the United States the term usually is applied to the common iron balconies and stairways or ladders that give exterior egress from each floor to the ground. In England the term refers to a portable extension ladder that may be wheeled up to a burning building to enable occupants to escape when ordinary exits are cut off.

Fire escape

A continuous, unobstructed path of egress from a building in case of a fire.

fire escape

[′fīr ə‚skāp]
(building construction)
An outside stairway usually made of steel and used to escape from a building in case of fire.

fire escape

A continuous, unobstructed path of escape from a building for use in case of fire.
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The training was delivered by a Slovenian expert, Mr Mitja Vehovec, to 27 Palestinian Judicial Police Officers covering formations of close protection, emergency situation, security assessment, emergency escape among other techniques.
You are required to draw up a set of plans showing the layout of the property, noting certain criteria - fire fighting equipment, emergency escape lighting etc.
Hummervoll's onshore division services the food, manufacturing and chemical industries, while the offshore cluster provides flooring solutions for oil platforms, barricade decks and emergency escape routes.
For example, Obama said that NASA would start developing a heavy-lift rocket by 2015, and that he wants to revive a scaled-down version of the Constellation space capsule to use as an emergency escape vehicle for the International Space Station.
Instead, he announced that the capsule will be retooled as an emergency escape vehicle for the ISS, while still handing over routine transport work to the commercial firms.
The Upper Big Branch mine in Montcoal, Raleigh County, about 48km south of Charleston, has caches of extra oxygen along emergency escape routes and airtight chambers designed to provide enough air to keep miners alive for four days if they cannot make their way out, according to Randy Harris, an engineering consultant.
The DVD is Operation of the Emergency Escape Systems Aboard Los Angles Class Submarines, Cat#1492 and can be obtained from Shipyard Instructional Design Center, Portsmouth, VA 23709-5000, (757) 396-5803 or DSN 386-5803.
Draeger has introduced its new breathing apparatus which it says is ideal for use in industrial applications requiring either a short-duration entry unit, airline emergency escape breathing apparatus or dual function unit.
Emergency Escape Breathing Devices have now become a required item to be carried at all times in the Red Hill Tunnel, an underground complex that houses twenty 300,000 barrel storage tanks, to ensure that all personnel have the ability to escape quickly in the case of an emergency.
It's a safety issue for us, because it prevents an emergency escape if we need to get out a window," District Chief DiLiddo said.
Queensland state coroner Michael Barnes this week reopened an inquiry into whether the hostel's managers should be charged for allegedly failing to provide adequate emergency escape routes.
Queensland State Coroner Michael Barnes reopened an inquiry this week into whether the hostel's managers should be charged for allegedly failing to provide adequate emergency escape routes from the hostel.

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