fire escape

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fire escape,

in architecture, device, either fixed or movable, to facilitate escape from a burning building. In the United States the term usually is applied to the common iron balconies and stairways or ladders that give exterior egress from each floor to the ground. In England the term refers to a portable extension ladder that may be wheeled up to a burning building to enable occupants to escape when ordinary exits are cut off.

Fire escape

A continuous, unobstructed path of egress from a building in case of a fire.

fire escape

[′fīr ə‚skāp]
(building construction)
An outside stairway usually made of steel and used to escape from a building in case of fire.

fire escape

A continuous, unobstructed path of escape from a building for use in case of fire.
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He also stresses the importance of preparing an emergency escape kit for your family or business.
For greater safety, establish your family's emergency escape plan and practice it regularly.
The canoeists I spoke with did emergency escape rolls and roll overs in fast weir water and wore short sleeved wet suits.
a division of DuPont Canada, announced that it was recalling nearly 300,000 EVAC-U8 and EVAC+ emergency escape smoke hoods in April after tests showed the products did not work properly, potentially exposing users to carbon monoxide and other airborne toxins.
Contract Awarded for breathing apparatus emergency escape
5 million contract to provide 1000 Vehicle Emergency Escape (VEE) Window kits plus 2,000 spare VEE Window panels to the U.
Free of VOCs, the coating can be used as a safety measure on such applications as exit signs, emergency escape routes, handrails, stairwells, and bicycles.
based in Vancouver, Canada, is voluntarily recalling the following emergency escape smoke hoods:
Inter-Safe, a subsidiary of Aero Maintenance Group, announced FAA certification of its A320 and 737 emergency escape slide repair facility in Miami.
After an overview of the evolution of the modern cockpit, the expected abilities of the aircrew, and the hazards of the airborne environment, chapters review relevant component systems and technologies, with material on equipment for external vision, instruments, display technology, controls, emergency escape, and clothing and headgear.
We immediately went into the emergency escape procedures.
The company is also the distributor of an emergency escape mask, known as the POTOMAC.

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