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The Expansion of Veteran Eligibility for Reimbursement Act, enacted in 2010, directed the VA to pay for veterans emergency treatment at non-VA facilities unless the veteran has another form of insurance that entirely covers their medical costs.
Let the law get tough and teach culprits a few hard lessons and convey the message that emergency treatment rooms are not combat zones.
Cao Lele is still under emergency treatment and his condition is relatively stable, but he is still in danger," hospital director Han Xuefeng told China Daily on Friday.
One of the things we did in the US is to closely monitor emergency treatment procedures at hospitals to assess and improve performances with the aim of reducing mortality rate and that is something that others have taken on elsewhere.
Those offering emergency treatment could only do so during my work hours.
The Dublin-based artist joked: "The patient was in a bad way and entitled to emergency treatment but, despite two broken ankles, a fractured arm, a grazed forehead and scratches everywhere, he had to take his place on the waiting list.
NHS Direct is also available for people to call on 0845 4647 for general medical advice and to help decide if emergency treatment is needed.
There's no effective emergency treatment for a cerebral hemorrhage.
Many of his 2500 patients will then have to travel to Inverness for emergency treatment.
First aid and emergency treatment is a key part of the success of the run.
In a study of all marathon participants needing emergency treatment during a 1998 and a 1999 race, researchers found 26 cases of documented hyponatremia, 15 of which were severe.
Nineteen patients at Sendai's Hokuryo Clinic were transferred to other hospitals to receive emergency treatment last year after their conditions suddenly deteriorated, more than double the number of such patients in 1998 and 1999, sources close to the clinic said Thursday.

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