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Dry land which was part of the ocean floor.
The act or process of becoming an emergent land mass.



an outgrowth on the surface of stems and leaves formed, in contrast to hair, not only by the epidermis but by underlying tissues. Emergences include the stinging hairs of nettle, the thorns on rose stems and thorn apples, and the glandular hairs on sundew (Drosera).

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Ideally, when decomposing a swarm world into smaller parts, the same emergent behaviour has to be exhibited at a smaller scale down to some smallest collaborating part (e.
In this paper we study explicit state model checking as a potential method for emergent behaviour analysis of swarms.
However there are also disadvantages which are essentially related with harnessing emergent behaviour.
It is the tool of choice to understand motivations and emergent behaviours, and to derive insights at a more aggregate level.
These systems often exhibit emergent behaviours that cannot be detected by reductionist approaches.

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