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Dry land which was part of the ocean floor.
The act or process of becoming an emergent land mass.



an outgrowth on the surface of stems and leaves formed, in contrast to hair, not only by the epidermis but by underlying tissues. Emergences include the stinging hairs of nettle, the thorns on rose stems and thorn apples, and the glandular hairs on sundew (Drosera).

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To illustrate the notion of emergent phenomena, this section presents examples of systems where emergent phenomena can be observed.
To provide emergent phenomena, a system or a mechanism must at least have two levels.
Research into emergent phenomena in physical systems shows that collective effects tend to arise only when many local interactions occur over a wide space, such as might be possible in a large network where dynamic behavior can be transmitted through the nodes.
In fact, the presence of 1/f noise is often cited in the literature as an indication of emergent phenomena.
synthesizes work from across numerous scientific disciplines in order to explain the theory of emergent phenomena and the origins of life on earth to a non- specialist audience.