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Dry land which was part of the ocean floor.
The act or process of becoming an emergent land mass.
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an outgrowth on the surface of stems and leaves formed, in contrast to hair, not only by the epidermis but by underlying tissues. Emergences include the stinging hairs of nettle, the thorns on rose stems and thorn apples, and the glandular hairs on sundew (Drosera).

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Fundamental rules of social intercourse, viewed collectively, are emergent phenomena that evolved at least as far back as early hominid groups and have existed ever since (with variations in content and changes over time).
In addition to the stipulation that there are no emergent phenomena, MSE also implicitly assumes that neither path dependence nor initial conditions affect the equilibrium state of an economy.
Given this intimate relationship between metaphysics and epistemology, it may be that once a particular ontic level has been identified as emergent, then a whole new set of concepts, theories, etc., will have to be introduced to account for the emergent phenomena.
At the 2006 AAAI Fall Symposium "Interaction and Emergent Phenomena in Societies of Agents," we invited researchers from all disciplines to dialogue, from their own viewpoint, on emergence.
Whitehead try to explicit the characteristics of emergent phenomena.
We suspect such models can promote better understanding of the spatial-temporal evolution of network congestion, and other emergent phenomena in communication networks.
If DLs are emergent phenomena, DL evaluation must surely be designed to seek unexpected outcomes.
Seventh, the use of language is associated with a number of emergent phenomena e.g., humor, laughter, faux pas, conflict, the loss of face, embarrassment, scandal and many others.
By examining neural networks, these researchers hope to uncover just how individual cells combine to create emergent phenomena which are more than the sum of their parts.
Liu collects 26 previously published papers on models and fiction, idealization and approximation, theory and unification, the meaning of spontaneous symmetry breaking, infinite systems and emergent phenomena, quantum phenomena and realism, and space-time theories and realism.
Unpredictable emergent phenomena appear from it--forms of higher-level organization and structure that you could never have predicted from first principles.