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Dry land which was part of the ocean floor.
The act or process of becoming an emergent land mass.



an outgrowth on the surface of stems and leaves formed, in contrast to hair, not only by the epidermis but by underlying tissues. Emergences include the stinging hairs of nettle, the thorns on rose stems and thorn apples, and the glandular hairs on sundew (Drosera).

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To develop themes and patterns across and within the interviews, we analyzed data holistically and through three levels of coding, the thematic analysis, and the emergent phenomenon (Merriam, 1998).
This research represents a first attempt to develop an emergent phenomenon that explains American Indian postsecondary transition and retention.
These properties can guide designers to build systems which provide emergent phenomenon.
This happens frequently when new and unexpected data/information comes to light or an unpredictable discourse emergent phenomenon appears.
The thesis that consciousness is an emergent phenomenon, e.
Another putative example of a strongly emergent phenomenon is provided by the emergence of language amongst human populations--for it is wholly created (though not necessarily purposively) by human beings and yet once created confers upon them abilities that are completely novel and unattainable in the pre-linguistic state.
A candle flame is a more advanced emergent phenomenon, because, within some limits, it is self-maintaining.
This is precisely why knowledge management is thriving in MindTree as an emergent phenomenon.