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see HomsHoms
or Hims
, city (1995 est. pop. 455,000), capital of Homs governorate, W central Syria, on the Orontes River. A commercial center located in a fertile plain where wheat, grapes, fruit, and vegetables are grown, Homs has historically produced such manufactures
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, Syria.
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Emesa management owns the remaining shares in the company, which will use the proceeds from the investment to finance its European expansion.
78) For example, John Chrysostom, Quod regulares 4 (PG version: 3); Eusebius of Emesa, Hom.
The story of Symeon is set in Palestine and Emesa in Syria, but K.
Augustine, Nemesius of Emesa, the Eastern Church and Nestorian Christianity on the body, and the influence of Jewish and Islamic thought on the development of the Western medical curriculum.
The eight pages devoted to Nemesius of Emesa are a case in point.
Ambrose deemed jokes incompatible with ecclesiastical discipline and feared laughter was an impediment to chastity, a depressing view shared by such other theologians as Cyprian and Eusebius of Emesa.
72) Consider Heliodorus as a Syrian defined as an outsider by the gaze and other social practices of Greeks and Romans; as (at least) a lower-level aristocrat (perhaps one who took pride in the historical links between Emesa and the Severans) who also defined himself in opposition to those lower on the social hierarchy; as a non-Greek author defined functionally as a producer and transmitter of Greek cultural (and thus ideological) productions in part alien to him; quite probably as a member of the town councilor class whose position was becoming increasingly burdensome.
The well-illustrated catalogue of 4585 coins in the museum at Amasya, northern Turkey, reveals the products of mints from Constantinople and Miletus to Emesa and Assyria, 45% Greek, 29% Roman and 25% Byzantine.
Activa Group's eMESA solution combined with Mincom's Work Planner provides a much needed capability for these companies.
Telfer, Cyril of Jerusalem and Nemensius of Emesa (Philadelphia, Penn.
For Brent, Callistus' claims are similar "to those of the emperor Elagabalus, as Pontifex Maximus, of a syncretism that found its final expression in the Baal of Emesa as Sol Invictus.