Emil Fischer

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Fischer, Emil

(ā`mēl fĭsh`ər), 1852–1919, German organic chemist. He is especially noted for his researches on the structure and synthesis of sugars and of purines and purine base derivatives, e.g., caffeine; for this work he received the 1902 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. His many other valuable discoveries include a method of synthesizing polypeptides. He was an assistant of Adolf von BaeyerBaeyer, Adolf von
(Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Adolf von Baeyer) , 1835–1917, German chemist. He taught at Berlin and Strasbourg and in 1875 succeeded Liebig at Munich.
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 and was professor at the universities of Erlangen (1882–85), Würzburg (1885–92), and Berlin (from 1892).
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Although Emil Fischer made numerous contributions to chemistry (he received the 1902 Nobel Prize), his name, at least in the public mind, was most readily associated with Veronal.