Émile François Loubet

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Loubet, Émile François


Born Dec. 31, 1838, in Marsanne; died Dec. 20, 1929, in Montélimar. French statesman. Lawyer by education.

From 1876 to 1885, Loubet was a member of the Chamber of Deputies as a moderate republican; he was a senator from 1885 to 1899 (president of the Senate from 1896). During 1887-88 he was minister of public works. He served as prime minister (1892) and minister of the interior (1892-93); he used the armed forces to suppress a strike of the workers of Carmo (1892). Late in 1892 he retired as premier as a result of the Panama scandal. He was president of the French Republic from 1899 to 1906. Conservative as his views were, he opposed reactionary nationalistic elements in the Dreyfus Case. In order to establish Russo-French and Anglo-French cooperation, he made trips to St. Petersburg (1902) and London (1903) that served as stages in the formation of the Entente. He played no political role after leaving the presidency.

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Eve Curie cuenta que en cierta ocasion sus padres se encontraban en una cena con el presidente Emile Loubet en el Palacio Eliseo, cuando una dama se aproximo a Marie para decirle:
However, when this returned the same verdict and Dreyfus was sent back to Devil's Island such was the public outcry that the same year the new President of France, Emile Loubet, pardoned Dreyfus.
Gracias a su familia infatigable y noble, y merced sobre todo a la actividad de la prensa, Emile Loubet, presidente de Francia, lo perdono para calmar la agitacion y no meter en mas problemas a sus fuerzas armadas.
The exhibition was not remotely ready when it was formally opened by the President of the Republic, Emile Loubet, on April 14th, 1900.
He was found guilty, but with `extenuating circumstances', and in September he was persuaded to accept an official pardon from the French president, Emile Loubet.
Address : Ville de Montlimar Htel de Ville Place Emile Loubet B.